Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Many Many Moons ago in a land not so far away

I purchased this book. 

For the sole purpose of making this quilt!

73" x 109" (measurement for this quilt) 

I loved this quilt and still do.

It was and is intended for my third son.  His graduation.

Am I hanging my head in shame?


This young man is now a father and his graduations was 11 years ago.

Did I hear someone laugh??

Not too nice ya know.

So I am planning on at least finishing the border on this quilt.  I have always thought it was too long for any bed.  I took off the top border because it was really long then.

Maybe I can take some of the flying geese and put them on the sides?

Anyways.....this has been my dilema for years and still is.

I don't know if you can tell but the sides are barely touching the sides of this king size bed and then the length is touching the floor and that is even with me taking fabric off the top.

This is probably about my 10th quilt I ever made...give or take a few and my mother helped with the geese when she was visiting me.

What are you working on?


  1. I do think I would take some flying geese off the bottom and add to the sides. I would probably add some side borders too. (But honestly, I would HATE moving the flying geese units.)

  2. the quilt looks great. slap a border on it and finish it! then give it to him a BIT late :)

  3. Beautiful quilt and what a lovely name. I look forward to celebrating the finish of this quilt. Going to be stunning and I'm sure your son will treasure it always.


  4. That is a gorgeous quilt. I hope you do get it finished because it is too pretty to be in a box or closet. I posted some finishes of very old projects on my blog today. Maybe I can inspire you to finish too!

  5. I love this Barb, don't change it! Don't we all gave a "miscalculated masterpiece"? I do! And I still love it akimbo on my 30 year old daughter's bed.

  6. I say pull the quilt up and tuck it under the pillows, like we did with bedspreads years ago. Stop being so fussy, lol.

  7. I have you beat, Barb. I started an all wool quilt for my son when he was 9 MONTHS old. I finally finished it when he was 16 YEARS old. LOL

  8. I love flying geese! And I love that quilt. What size mattress is it supposed to be for? I would take a few rows off the bottom and add a few rows onto the sides. It will be stunning! Better late than never.

  9. Oh dear! Yes, I'm facing some of those oldie UFO's too - I think a lot of us are :*)
    I like the idea of taking some of those geese off the bottom and adding them to the sides - maybe scattered in groups in the borders? My "word" this year has been "Just Do It" and I've been facing these type of projects down until done - it feels so good, you'll be glad you Just Did It!!!

  10. I'm sorry I did chuckle a little, but only because I have UFO's also! It's truly a beautiful quilt, and I know you'll find a way to shorten and finish it up! Best of luck to you!

  11. OMGosh, Barb, look at all of the geese! That is going to be gorgeous.

  12. Gorgeous! What a weird size quilt, I agree. I'm sure you could figure out a rescue for this beauty!

  13. It's just gorgeous! You'll figure it out! I started a quilt for my niece for when she got married while she was still in high school. She didn't get it until she'd been married for 7 years and had two kids! Like I said in a previous post, I eventually finish everything, unlike my sister's 25th anniversary quilt, still unfinished, and she's just celebrated her 32nd! Your quilt will be loved and appreciated whenever it is completed, but you're right, maybe now is the time! Good luck! XO

  14. The pieced geese in this quilt are really nice. At first I thought they were appliqued. May be you could just find some coordinating fabric and add it to the sides and call it done?

  15. What a great UFO Barb! I'm laughing with you......I have several oldies like that!


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