Friday, October 24, 2014


Is run out of batting!!!  I am getting close but before I am totally out I ordered from JoAnn's, they are having my favorite batting for half off and free shipping.  Here is the link if you are interested.

I love love the Warm and White, my backing fabric sticks to it therefore I have less wrinkles in the back.  It will be safe to say that more often than not I have no wrinkles.  Out of all the quilts I have done this year, I had one wrinkle.

Notice that I waited until I had ordered before I told you....(silently laughing).

Now I am working on these wonderful Island Batiks, using Strawberry Fields Forever.  I am forever in love with these fabrics.  I have four rows now (too lazy to show you) but later...

I think I might have enough fabric to make another row making it four by four.  Then a nice border to make it fit my king size bed.  I think I can do it....I think I can.

So....hopefully, I will not run out of fabric before I accomplish my goal.

I finished this Braid quilt.  It has been in my UFO pile for about two years, maybe a little less but I am so glad to get it done.  Didn't have any fabric for the binding but I made do with a lime green binding.  I think it works.

The winner of Jacquelynne Steve's patterns is 6 Buttons, 
congrats to her and thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments.  Once again most of the comments did not make it to my hotmail in box but I do appreciate you coming by.

Such a beautiful day outside, I just might take advantage of it and go outside and play.

So for this week-end, 
I wish for you a continual flow of fabric and creative juices,
May your batting be enough,
your threads be plenty,
your scissors sharp
and seam rippers dormat!!


  1. Ok, so let's try this again! Love your colorful quilts, Barb, and thanks for the batting heads up!

  2. I really like your batiks! The lime binding is very nice on the braid quilt, too - yay for UFO finishes!

  3. Looks like you are having a wonderfully bright day! Great quilts,

  4. I love the braided quilt. So pretty. I will have to put that on my list to do some day. I need more hous in the day.

  5. Barb, I love your quilts. My kind of colors. Thanks for the link.

  6. I hate running out of anything that I need for projects.

  7. Isn't it ironic that fabric breeds in our sewing room, but batting doesn't? I just bought some batting too! Your projects are beautiful.


  8. I also try to keep a bolt of batting on hand. Pretty quilts you are working on there.

  9. I almost ran out and started to panic!! Connecting Thread came to MY rescue, with an excellent shipping rate to Canada. Loving all our projects.

  10. When my bolt is half gone I start watching for a sale......we never want to run out of batting!! Your Strawberry Fields Forever quilt is looking neat and your braid quilt.....beautiful!

  11. I think the lime green binding goes perfect!

  12. I hate running out of anything, but I always seem to do so. Must take your advise. Your braid quilt is gorgeous. And the line green binding is perfect!


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