Wednesday, September 24, 2014


First off, I wanted to show you the finished quilt!  YEA ME!!!   I had originally done a middle but didn't like the shoes, looked to babyish as you see in this picture.  

For some reason I just couldn't continue on with this quilt because it is not a baby quilt.  So it sat for a few weeks while I thought....and thought...

Finally I took it out and came up with these shoes and I must say I am so much happier.  Quilt has been folded up, forgot to take a picture when it was finished, therefore wrinkles.

 We will get to these Lapel sticks in a minute.

 Finished this baby quilt using the panels and last border from Inchworm Fabrics.  I am not really a fan of panels and w  I cut them apart, added the sashing and the rest is history.  My sister Beverly gave me the ABC's and I found the ABC border in my stash...whohoooo  that was a true happy dance (did you feel the earth quake)?  Now I feel differently about panels...I went in search of more in my stash...

I had not heard of these sticks before until Gene posted on his blog about them, once again....just hit his name and you will be transported to his take on the sticks.  I was so interested in his post that I contacted Gene about these sticks.  Then he hooked me up with Keith, president, of the company who makes them and he sent me some to try.

Here is my take on the sticks.  I use the glue stick to bind my quilts, I sew the one side, glue the other and then sew...makes is to easy

Here is what I found:
1.  Don't use steam with the Lapel Stick.  I use steam with my glue sticks, found it works best that way.  So the Lapel Stick goes easy on the steamed needed.

2.  As far as mess, the lapel stick wins hands down....usually when I use glue sticks I have a mess all over the fingers I am using.  With the Lapel Stick I have less mess and it takes me less time to wash up or if I have to wash up at all.  I know, there are some of you out there that are not messy...pooey on you (smiling)....I can't do anything without making a mess so this is an issue with me.

3.  I really wanted to try this product because I go through a lot of glue and am always up for a different type or something that will make my life a little easier which I have found that these Lapel sticks are a pretty smart idea.  

Thanks Keith for allowing me to try this product and Gene for introducing them to me.


  1. Both of your quilts look great! I have never heard of the lapel glue stick. Can't seem to find a shop that sells it here in Ontario. Thanks for the info. I will keep looking.

  2. What a wonderful idea. I've always just used applique glue. Do you use it for other things or just applique? Also, have you found a good adhesive packing since they removed Steam a Seam at JoAnn's? I haven't found one I like so I don't applique right now but when I get back to the quiet book I need some so any information is appreciated. How are things in your neck of the woods?

  3. What are you using glue sticks for? I have used this product and like it.

  4. Beautiful. I think both shoe designs look great, but of the two I like the one you went with better. To clarify, I think first would have been sweet just the same. Maybe you can use them in another design....or book on shoe shapes for quilts???? Seriously, you may be on to something.

    Great insights on Lapel Stick.


  5. These are absolutely gorgeous. Love the alphabet one!

  6. Your quilts are both adorable. Someone sent me panels for my birthday and now I'm not as hesitant to cut them apart and give them some life. The Lapel Sticks sound pretty interesting. I don't use glue ever, but sometimes I wish I did. Perhaps they are worthy to have on hand just for those moments.

  7. The ABC quilt turned out so cute. The shoes finish the red quilt off well too.

  8. Love the new shoes on that quilt. Perfect! Thanks for the info on the lapel sticks. Rosa (I sew with her) recommended them too, but I've never tried them. Now I must.

  9. Barb I won a lapel stick once and loved it....haven't run across any since. :( I like using glue sticks but the lapel stick was much better! blessings, marlene

  10. Beautiful quilts and I like the tennis shoes better too. I've used the Lapel Sticks and think they are very helpful....glad you have a new fun tool to use.

  11. I remember using the Lapel Sticks, but can't find them lately...they do work great! Love both your quilts!

  12. Love the quilts. Interesting about the lapel sticks.


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