Thursday, September 11, 2014


What is inside this box? I just love these boxes at JoAnn's, fits so well in the cubby of my desk!

As I was looking around my room the other day before I had a few sewing ladies in.....I noticed my piles of projects, here and there...and the.......THE SCRAP BASKET!!!! (did you hear the creepy msic?)

So after we played in the sewing room I was determined to do something with my overflowing scrap basket.

Went to the hall closet (yes...I have scraps everywhere).  Pulled out the (I am so ashamed to say this....but) FOUR
tubs of scraps.  Interject sobbing here...... I didn't realize it was that bad.  I truly didn't.  I just discovered them the other day when I was looking for scraps.  Truly....I just didn't know.

Now....what to do with the scraps in the basket....NOT ANOTHER BIN!!!

So...true to form.

I am always doing the thing I shouldn't be doing and not doing the things I should.

Got out all the scraps...and started whacking away!!

THREE HOURS later and I have this.  A cazillion 2 1/2 inch strips!!

Filled the bottom of my box and started on a second layer

Then........................... I got this pot holder pattern in the mail from my Sister Jeanette!!

And these beautiful Halloween Fabrics from her.....  Inchworm Fabrics....they are awesome...won't you go by and take a look see?

I forgot to show you a picture of my hungry basket......I keep telling it not to will soon be overflowing with breeding scraps!!


  1. so what's your plan with the strips? I have my scraps color coordinated, was thinking of a tumbler quilt, we'll see

  2. Yes, those scraps have a way of breeding and multiplying like crazy! Love what you have done with the strips! Genius!

  3. I have that same potholder pattern. Got it last year and still haven't used it. You'll have to post what you make and maybe inspire me to get busy. Such a cute pattern.

  4. look at all those gorgeous strips of fabric from scraps! whoooo hoooooo, happy sewing time is coming up!

  5. That's what I did this afternoon too! I cut 5" squares, 2 1/2" strips and 2 1/2" squares. The smaller pieces are going to a friend who is working on a tiny hexie project.

  6. Pretty strips. I have way to many scraps and strings. I never seem able to use them up!

  7. Cutting scraps to a uniform size has greatly helped me to use them up. Its fun seeing them all stacked nice and neat, isn't it?

  8. Come cut up my scraps. I just hide them away and try not to think about them. Been so tired lately that I haven't done much sewing, just a little canning.

  9. I have this potholder pattern and give these as gifts! I think the pattern is written a little funky and hard to understand though so I rewrote it for myself. They're so much fun to make though and a great way to use up binding that had been accumulating. It looks like you'll have enough of the strips to do another quilt soon. :)

  10. Funny I got a number of 2 1/2 inch strips in the same way

  11. You now have the neatest pile of scraps I've ever seen!

  12. At least you are ready for any quilt that takes 2 1/2 inches! That is my favorite size!

  13. You should see my scraps they just keep creeping up on me but I can't seem to get rid of any. Tee hee


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