Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I found this on ebay called Embroidery Machine Thread clever is this?  Well...I got to looking at it and it is no more than the Lei netting used to make Lei's....How smart is that?

 This red panel is going to be my thread holder (one day)....sigh......

 For now, my thread is just happy as a lark in this drawer....sometimes I line them up around my embroidery machine but for me organized!!!  Ha!!

There is nothing like thread to give a person that inspiration boost they need.....ummm ummmm delightful!!

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The winner of the snap bag and key fob is............Rachel from Claddaghs, Quilts & Stars

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  1. That's a great idea! I saw a tutorial on Sew Many Ways about putting tubing around your bobbins to keep the threads from going crazy. I tried it and it works. She also had a tutorial for using old drawers to make storage compartments for under the bed. I'm in the process of that right now and will post it when I'm done. I'm kind of a neat freak in my sewing room so I love posts like your's!

  2. nothing worse than a whole lot of tangled threads in the box? that netting is great...

  3. I've been using those nets for years now. They work great for your thread while doing machine embroidery when the thread is spinning off the spool so quickly. It prevents the thread from jumping out of my take up lever on my D1 machine and gives just a bit of tension to ensure even stitches too. I've never tried, but many have said these are the same nets roses have on them when the come into a florist shop. I've been told if you ask nicely, the local florist might just save those nets for you and you'll be able to get them for free.

    I buy mine from my Viking store because they can be used over and over again until they get too stretched out and they're fairly cheap to buy.

  4. Great idea. I think my machine came with one or two but I have never used them. I will have to try it.

  5. Not only does it keep the thread in place, but it also protects the thread while it jumps around in your drawer.

  6. These are like the ones that flowers come in as I had a florist bring some to me in a class one time. They are great!

  7. Not all of them, but some of the reels/cones have little pull down bits at the base of the reel that opens up and you put the thread end in it and close it back up....I didn't know about that until I saw it on a thread supplier site, and when I checked my embroidery threads, some have the base.....saves alot of untangling or wastage when they all get tangled. I'll try and find and example of what I'm talking about coz I'm cruddy at explanations lol

    Found an's the second message down


  8. I have some of those for my thread. I use dental floss for making leis. How do you make leis using these?


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