Saturday, June 7, 2014

97 Scrappy Blocks on the wall, 97 Scrappy Blocks on the sew one up and pass it around 98 Scrappy Blocks on the Wall

Remember this quilt?  Well...there were a ton of scraps.    I also took my sisters scraps, she did two of these in Marblelicious Fabric

Here are 97 blocks from my sisters scaps
                                                           Here is all that is left....
                      Here are the scraps from my quilt and here is my mess (working on them right now)
                              Here is just a sample of one of the blocks, I have fifteen blocks right now
                                         Been working on some more doggies

I am still trying to whittle my way through projects and these two are next in line to at least get to the top stage. 
 One day when I think about it I will tell you about one of our Roosters....


  1. I like that fabric and love that quilt yuo made!

  2. Of course I remember your stunning quilt! Oh the things we can do with scraps! I am just loving your doggies! Rooster? Yes I want yo hear about him!

  3. Scraps are wonderful!! Esp. when they come from such a pretty quilt!

  4. Wow.. you are working with a lot of scraps. Have fun.

    The doggies are adorable. Where did you get the designs for them?

  5. Now that is a tease!!! Your doggies look so cute as do the use of your scraps.

  6. Such lovely blocks Barb...they are just so very yummy with all those glorious fabrics you have to work with.

  7. A lot of leftover Samoan fabric. Yeah.

  8. Love your quilt, blocks, and puppys

  9. cute dogs.
    love the quilt on the bed.

  10. What a great quilt! So another one bites the dust?


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