Friday, November 1, 2013


About six years ago I made this quilt top from scraps.

 Many times I have gone to quilt it but realized that it is one row wider than it is long.

So for six years I have been too lazy to fix it.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Got this quilt out.  Counted squares.

I thought to myself....hummm  Barb when did you fix this quilt??

The whole time I am getting the backing and batting ready to quilt I am thinking....and I might say, thinking real hard.....

When did I fix this quilt? forward to quilting it...... went to count the squares to know when I could flip it  under the machine to make it easier to quilt.
Yes, you guessed it, NOT FIXED>>>>>>

So...what we have here is a failure to count properly?

Oh well....

Talk about fun....I am so "Scrappy Happy" here I could just run around in circles....

I  will say I used the wrong fabric fusible, each time my needle would hit one of the hearts my thread would fray and then break a few seconds later.  YEs, had tons of thread breakage.

When I got done, I had one wrinkle in the back, I thought I was being careful and checking.  MISSED ONE!!  It is staying. temper tantrums even with all of the thread breakage.

A few times I was just going to wad it up and put it in the corner but I told myself that if I did, it would never get done.  So I pushed through and finished it up.

These scrappy quilts are just fabulous, especially when they evoke so many memories....



  1. This quilt wants to be a scrappy quilt that is filled with love and nothing else. Glad to hear you are letting it control it's destiny as I'm sure it will love you, or whomever is to receive it 100X.

    Big hug,


  2. This quilt makes me want to curl up on a sofa under it and read a book or watch a movie. And yes, the cocoa looks so good today - it is overcast and rainy here.

  3. YES!! You have a finish!! I need to follow suit! Now is that a SANTA mug there on that tray?????!!!! Yikes!~!!!!

  4. Just tell everyone you meant to make it one row wider than it was long! LOL Congratulations on not giving up and getting it finished! :0)

  5. so glad you stuck with it and finished. Now you are all set to move on to another without knowing that you 'left on behind'.

  6. It's awfully cute!! So glad you decided to finish it.

  7. Nothing better than a scrappy quilt , congrats on finishing a UFO !!

  8. Barb, this quilt is beautiful even with mistakes. Remember, only God makes a perfect item.

  9. Barb, this quilt is beautiful even with mistakes. Remember, only God makes a perfect item.

  10. Good for you, I just lose my patience when everything seems to go wrong. It is so hard to go back and work on something that is just not right....congrats for sticking to it!

  11. Yeah. A finish. The more things that are done before you move the better. Right!

  12. Oh,scrappy is so much fun. So glad you stayed with it.

  13. I frantically finished piecing a "Swoon" quilt for my son's wedding and got it to the quilters. Must have looked at that top a thousand or so times. The quilter quilted it. When I picked it up she told me that I'd turned two blocks the wrong way! She had already quilted most of it when she saw them so she couldn't call me to come and fix them. They're so obvious that I couldn't believe I'd missed seeing the mistakes. She told me about Amish humility blocks and that I just had two of them in the quilt. I'm still embarrassed how the quilt turned out but am so thankful it wasn't done in time for the wedding shower so everyone would see my mistake. Oddly enough I didn't even notice the second mistake until I was binding it. Some day I guess I'll have to make them another quilt with no humility blocks in them! Be proud and happy that you finished a project!! You're probably the only one that will notice since it's a scrappy quilt. The "Swoon" quilt wasn't scrappy so the mistakes stick out like a sore thumb.

  14. I see you are using the Kelly method of repair and gal! LOL

    A finished UFO is a finished UFO and believe it or girls will fight over quilts and could care less about any flaws...I imagine your boys will too :)


  15. I think scrappy quilts are my favourite of all... and yours now has lots of stories with it.. which is the best part of quilts...

  16. So glad you persevered. Some quilts just fight from start to finish. There is no better way to get them to stop than to finish them off. Congratulations on finishing.


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