Friday, August 9, 2013

Trying to get the Monkey off my Back!!!

Seeing  how I can not pay attention long enough to finish one thing.....

I go from ironing these blocks (finally have all 400 ironed)...whohooo

 trimming these blocks up (only have half trimmed)


Iroining again

to sewing now I have about 4 stations that might keep me focused for a while...what ya think?

Just trying to get this monkey off my pack!!!!


  1. LOL....Barb...this is a good thing. Jumping from one process to the next keeps one focused in my book......I do it all the time. If I had to do one thing from start to finish, I'd go crazy. We right-brain thinking are just wired that way!! That's my let's stick to it...hehehehehe

  2. That's quite a monkey! I've been working on getting a monkey off my back today too, but thankfully my monkey isn't as big as your monkey! ;o)

  3. I think you are enjoying toteing that Monkey

  4. I should think that it would be pretty difficult to stay focused when you are trying to make 400 little units!! Well done!

  5. Looks like you have a good process going. I don't get as excited about the time to trim, but it does need to be done. Focus on how nice it is going to look when it comes together. I am certainly looking forward to seeing it.


  6. That is how feel about the pinwheels I am making! The ironing took forever!

  7. That is a whole lotta hst's. Have fun. Trimming is my least favorite task.

  8. I actually like making HSTs. Call me silly.

  9. It does take a while to square up those 1/2 square triangle but it sounds like you were on a roll.


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