Monday, August 5, 2013


If I were asked what is my worst part of quilting, I would have to say piecing.

Okay....close your mouth...

it is gapping open.

I said piecing.


Because I am horrible at it...totally horrible.  This is not me being is plain fact...why do you think I love applique so much?

So I am making some Old Maid's Puzzle blocks for the border of the "Tree of Life" I insane?

  I think so.

  When you know you are not good at something but you go ahead and tackle truly must be insane.

I know...practice makes perfect but I have yet to achieve perfection.   So you say it looks good, well..on one side it is 1/4" you hear whimpering in the background?  If so, that is me.

Thank goodness this is practice but these are the fabrics I am using.

 Now I love these blocks below....turned out just how I wanted them..
Now back to the drawing board with the other block.
Thanks for all of your wonderful comments about Heat N Bond...a lot of useful information.


  1. Looks very well done and I love the colors. I have trouble with piecing; no matter how careful I am something always goes awry.

  2. Right there with ya sister. I hate piecing and that's why I do applique or simple patches. Point police are always around me when I piece. ;)

  3. I like both of these blocks...very pretty. They look pretty perfect from here!

  4. You are funny! but I can understand. I like piecing but do not like making borders or backing.
    Your piecing looks great.

  5. That is exactly why I avoid applique! Your piecing looks great, Barb, and the colors are gorgeous.

  6. You know that block looks good to me. I guess I am not there in person to see those little errors that you can see.

  7. Barb, I promise that the more you do it, the better it gets. I am working on a quilt with some older blocks I pieced. Arrgh...I didn't realize my piecing was that bad then. LOL. I actually had to repair a couple of the blocks before I joined the top.

  8. I should piece so well... appears to me that you do a wonderful job.

  9. Same here! I keep at it though as I love patchwork blocks. Besides I do not care what the quilt police say I never invite them in!;-)Pretty fabrics.

  10. Perfection is waaaay over rated.

  11. I guess everybody has a "least favorite" part of quilting. For me- it's cutting! I wish I could have someone cut everything for me and then I could just sew it together!

  12. I think this is why I focused on Hawaiian Applique' quilting for so many years. But I'm right behind wanting to do more practice blocks and work to improve my piecing skills.



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