Friday, March 29, 2013

If ya got it, flaunt it!

 My son saw me wearing this wristlet and said I was getting fancy....and I am thinking...

Why haven't I worn it before now???

 All those pins laying on the table beside my machine because I was too lazy to get a pin cushion.
Hummmmmm...someone is not thinking over here.
  Then I got an email from Susan asking how I liked my throat plate.....I have to say. I love love love it!!! Hassle free sewing.

 I decided to take this class on Craftsy since it was 50% off.

 I feel I am begin disloyal to Leah but thought maybe another take on machine quilting would be fun.

 I am also taking a photography class, will let you know more after I take it for a while.

Then I am taking the surging class....and I sooooo love this one.  Which class would you want to take?

 I think I am having an issue....there is a certain color blue that I think is purple (I guess I am partially color blind). itself, it is purple, but in the mix of purple, it is blue.

 Now....the quandary, do I let this piece stay in my quilt? Do I take it out? Will require a lot of work.


  1. Hi, Barb! You were the winner of my give-away on the Stitch Me Up Blog Hop. If you will email me your mailing address I will pop the fabric in the mail to you. :) Have a nice weekend.



  2. Leave the piece in the quilt and if anyone ever says anything, you can state: "No one but God can make something perfect", so I leave a mistake in my quilts. It will be beautiful Barb. Sarah in OK

  3. Hi Barb , love your pin cushion, like you I have pins lying all over machine . I am taking a Craftsy class to. I am taking Leah's FMQ class. You will be busy with all of your classes. Happy Easter to you and family.

  4. I don't think Leah thinks you are disloyal, as much as would encourage you to take classes from different FMQ Experts and continue to learn. I too love Leah, but also enjoy learning from a variety of experts....and the value with Craftsy and flexibility makes is so darn easy.


  5. Let me know how you like your classes! I've just recently discovered Craftsy and have yet to try one of their classes.

  6. It sounds like you are keeping yourself very if you aren't busy enough already LOL. I've thought about checking out Craftsy but it would cut into my doing nothing productive time :0)


  7. Making good use of that cute wristlet!

  8. pretty pin cushion! wearing them on my wrist always seemed bothersom...guess just something we have to get used too?

  9. Isn't it amazing how much difference a straight stitch throat plate makes? I can't take credit for figuring that out, in fact, I didn't even know they existed before seeing it as one of the tips in the Sally Collins Precision Piecing video I have. I just love that video. Everything she says is easy to do and has really improved my accuracy.

    I was looking at the machine quilting class you're planning to take. It has piqued my interest...

    Happy Easter,
    Susan in Texas

  10. One of the things I love about quilts is that They reveal something new each time I look.
    I say leave your blue/purple in there

    I am still tinkering with the thought of owning a serger. :-}


  11. First of all, I LOVE your wristlet! It's so feminine and handy! Now, I am partial to purple.sooo keep the purple in!! It will add a little Sparkle to it! Sharon Lozano at earthlink dot net.

  12. I love the wristlets too? Did you make it. It's beautiful. My mom would love something like that for Mother's Day. I will have to get creative and make her something like that.

  13. I'd take photography because I'm still terrified of my new camera!

  14. Serging class sounds great. I may need to do that. As for taking apart your quilt....if the quilt is for you and it's preventing you from loving it, then take the time to remove it. We make quilts because it makes us happy. Don't 'settle' for something, you'll regret it.

  15. Leave it ain't and move on, life is to short for seam rippers :-)


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