Friday, March 1, 2013


I love all the home shows that show the before and After, like "Property Brothers" and "Love it or List it", "What not to Wear"....there is just something about the transformation that has me there....but trust me, I am not just sitting and watching TV. is the Before:
After I washed it:
You are probably thinking that you don't see much difference....well I do. I had a few small ripples in the border but after I washed it....ooooo la la.

 I was going to put this runner in my shop but I just loved it so much and so....I claimed it.

It matches my furniture so well and the splash of orange....I just couldn't help myself. I don't need more runners but what is one more....RIGHT???
The giveaway for the runner kit is here I was watching Project Runway last night, I cut out another runner. I laid it all out. I would have sewn it then too but my machine is in the other room... When it was over I began to sew it...and it only took 30 minutes if that much to do the top.

 You are probably thinking... Barb you are joshing us.

 I lie not.

 If you have it laid out and trust me, you have to lay it out before. I even marked my pieces because the first one I did I didn't and well...there was a big of confusion going on.

 I learned from that and decided not to just pick my pieces up like she did on her

 tutorial.....she might have been able to execute that with ease but this gal couldn't. 

 Then another little tip that I learned wacthing a tutorial (can't tell you which one because I don't remember) but...

when I iron, I attack it like nobodies business...and you are not suppose to...just put the iron up and down, no swishing it from side to side, you don't distort the fabric that way.

I just love this "Indian Summer" Fabric from Inchworm Fabrics, if she has much left I would be
surprised because I am her best customer.


  1. I would have kept it too, Barb! Love the colors, and can't picture it without the orange splash. Now, what shop do you have? Am I missing something online? Please share...

  2. Gosh that runner looks awesome. Those are my colors too, but the pink looks pretty as well.

  3. You are what Mama called fast freight! I need to make more for me to keep. I seem to make more stuff that goes out the door instead!

  4. I love those shows, too! :) But I love your runners more! Heehee!

  5. Yeaa you finished it. I knew it would be bautiful...You did agreat job. Love those fabrics together.

  6. This turned out just gorgeous! I don't blame you for claiming it for yourself. If I had made this beauty I would keep it also!:) Your second one is pretty as well. But the first one leaves me drooling! Have a great day!

  7. We have to keep something for ourselves once in awhile!! Good job!

  8. I don't blame you for keeping it either, it's wonderful. I love the orange set in there...ya know, orange is the new black!!! LOL

  9. Love the table runner and the tips. It is so hard to break the habit of ironing when you are only suppose to press. One question how do you bind it since you have the points?

  10. Barb the table runner is wonderful, It would defiantly be a keeper if I had it too....

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