Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Judy from Sew Fun Quilts contacted me last week about making Disappearing 4-Patches for the Sandy Victims.

 Then Pat from Artfully Oogleglebloops posted her blocks on facebook and well....I figured I should get busy and make some. So here are mine.It really doesn't take much time at all....so Can Your Spare some TIME?

As I had mentioned I am helping with the Day of Service this Saturday for our church. Here I have seven fleece blankets, they are cut to size but now I have to cut the fringe.

As you can see, I have one fringe cut already. Underneath you can see the 3 quilts I showed already. I bound them yesterday and the ladies will tie them.
I was going to take two machines and have a few people stitch in the ditch but one is in the shop. Get this, I sent it in for bad tension, he called and asked if the machine was broke. I told him no, just the tension. He said it won't work now, he must have put it back together wrong. I am thinking "WHAT!!!!"   The outcome of this will be interesting to say the least.

Did I mention that I am going to go vote today???  


  1. Your Disappearing Nine Patch are very pretty. Hope the repair man gets your machine fixed quickly.

  2. wonderful of you to help with the quilt blocks
    i sure hope your machine gets well and out of the hospital soon.
    I am working on making as many blocks as I can until Friday and then I will mail them.
    hugs from south Louisiana

  3. Gracious -- that's not a call you want to get, is it?! I'm voting today, too!! Whoohoo!! :)

  4. You are a busy bee. I am also working on my disappering 4 patch for Sandy victims and trying to get a little help from my friends. What's up with the machine? Did he break it?

  5. This is why they say if you stitch fast enough it counts as aerobic exercise! You are one busy lady.


  6. Yup, already sent my blocks to Erin.

  7. That's great that you are helping the Sandy victims. HOpe your machine works out ok. Maybe he'll have to give you a new one if he broke it!

  8. Same here with the dis.4patch, I'm making them with bigger blocks, all in Xmas fabrics.

  9. Love your blocks. I sent four in last week.

  10. Love your disappearing 4-patch! Super fun to make!

  11. Hi Barb I hope you voted for right person who ever he may be because I sure don't know anymore. I tried to send money to the red cross at ABC yesterday on line but they wouldn't take it because I lived in Canada and I needed to put a State in box. Sometimes computers drive me crazy and I know I am to slow to make a quilt so I guess I will have to find another way to help. It makes me so sad to see and hear about all the families who have lost their homes. I often wonder how much of the money we give to they get. Blessings to all on your election day I pray the right person will get in.

  12. Love that disappearing four patch--I need to get busy and send something to Sandy folks too.

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  13. Barb ~ I just love this block. I have looked and cannot find any name for it though. Do you know it's name by chance?

    They look great. Have fun in your sweatshop. :)


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