Monday, November 26, 2012


I am so excited....look what came in the mail This awesome Advent Calendar!!!
This yummy tree fabric from Inchworm Fabrics

 Here is a you tube on how to make the advent calendar. (It did not show up so just look on my side bar, you will see it there)


 Here I am ironing and pinning 


 Here it is all ironed down 

 Here it is all finished!!


I chose not to make loops for hanging, I used these hair bobs instead....(yes, you can call me lazy).

Now to make the softies to go in the pockets....

This is lazy signing off for now.

Oh...sorry....but I am sure if you went to Inchworm Fabrics she could have your panel to you by Friday.


  1. YOU lazy? No way! It's darling.

  2. Super cute quilted advent calendar. I look forward to seeing the softies you create to go with it. You always have such great ideas, including the hair bobs.

    And, I agree, Inchworm has some great fabrics and panels too!


  3. Oh so cute. I remember when my kids were young we always had an advent calendar.

  4. Very cute Barb. Over the years, I made all my Grands advent calendars.

  5. Barb, I don't call using the hair elastics "lazy" - I saw it on Sewing with Nancy and I think it is a smart time saver. I have used them on several things.

  6. Using the hair elastics is a great idea. I hate making loops or hanging sleeves on wallhangings I do for myself. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Great little calendar! I see the hair bobs, but can you tell me how do you hang it with these? I always like to be a bit lazy...

  8. really is so cute and I like you hair bob idea!

  9. That is SEW cute!! Will you show us the softies? What a fun project!

  10. I have the panel but just can't seem to get any sewing done these days. It is really cute and I hope I can do it next year. I love your way of hanging it. Lazy is buying a chocolate Advent calender, but at least Jonah loves chocolate. Blessings Sandra

  11. time to get out my calendar and start putting in the chocolates. I learned long ago one to fill one day at a time as it gets too heavy and falls off the wall otherwise. must have a chocolate for each person, non of this soft cuddly business at my house. ha ha ha, or rather ho, ho, ho.


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