Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today I am working on my “Dots to Dots” hop, you can click on the picture on the right and find out the info about it.

Then….I am working on the block I am designing for “Quilting Gallery”, once again check the side for
Block Party.

Then…..I am doing a book review for Ebony…..

and so…. I am saying to myself….

what was I thinking?

Other than that…not much is going on.

My friend JoAnna did come by Friday and spent the night.  We stayed up until one playing with my Go cutter (in fact, she ordered her one)…should I feel bad about that?

Then Saturday we went to Big Lots…she purchased all of their fabric….(once again…GUILTY)…..

Then we go to the nearest quilt store and she just went hog wild.  She told me as she was checking out that she was going to have to have a long talk with me about my influence on her.

I took some gulps…..several gulps…. beads were forming on my forehead…  of course, you know I am exaggerating…she did say that but I just laughed.  How was I to know that I was going to spark her desire to get back into sewing?  I am totally innocent!!


  1. Yes Dear, of course you are...

    LOL...I have several irons in the fire too...sometimes I think I have gone bonkers.

  2. Inspiration is always a good thing plus she helped the economy.

  3. Ha! I have a friend that says the same thing ;-) Does your Big Lots have fabric?? Ours doesn't carry fabric but lots of yarn.

  4. Keeping yourself pretty busy there girlfriend :*) I have no idea how you get so much done!!!

  5. What are friends for, anyway. LOL

  6. Hey, I think of you as one of the best Personal Shoppers for Quilters! You always find great deals and have an eye for beauty. I'm sure JoAnna enjoyed shopping and quilting with you. I know I would.


  7. What a great friend you are....lol!! Don't forget to pickup the extra totes to start storing all of ths loot!!

  8. Barb, I would go shopping with you anytime! You have the best luck when it comes to finding fabrics! You friend loved every minute I am sure of it!

  9. Hi Barb, how fun to share your passion with a good friend.

  10. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your friend and she has caught the quilting bug! I'm doing the Dots hop, Ebony's book review and a couple other things plus I just got a commissioned quilt...........too busy!

  11. You are so funny. You got another person hooked. I had a co-worker do that to me. Now I am a fabric addict just like everyone else. What fun.

  12. You enabler, you! LOL I have way too many irons in the fire, too! :) But it's all good -- it's all fun!

  13. LOL - that's what friends are for! Good job Barb!

  14. Guilty? Absolutely...I'd convict you on that one...and lots of other gals who keep getting me into more and more trouble with sewing, quilting and machine embroidery. The good news is....we'd all love to be in the same prison!


  15. I have got to go look at Big Lots - I keep forgetting that you said they have fabric. :) blessings, marlene


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