Monday, August 20, 2012


Have any of you heard the phrase "A bit long in the tooth?"...well...this morning I woke up a bit down in the tooth...

.no reason

. So.....I thought....nothing will do my mental health more good than to clean.

 Now you all think I am sick!!!

 I love to clean, I love a clean home....that being is not always so because I like to sew more. HA!!!!

 As I am cleaning I pull out my Norwex supplies, now I have no affiliation with Norwex except that I love it. Why am I telling you this?  Because I just cleaned my tub with the Descaler and it looks awesome!!!!

I cleaned my stove with the cleaning paste....AWESOME!

 If you are interested, my friend Linda sells it, you can go here. I guess that makes me affiliated with it since my friend sells it.

All that being said....I am now ready to enter the world of the living and not the I want to go back to bed.

Here is what I have been working will see the finished product next month during the "Dot on Dot" blog hop, Sept 10th through 21st....I am on the last day....Quilt Taffy is hosting it for Madame Sam.

So...after cleaning the house I walked down to the mailbox and look what was in it.  

A sweet friend sent me this book, the hardest part is letting it sit instead of me sitting and reading the day away.

This quilt is on the bed in the spare room.  Notice the pink????  My mother made the quilt and my sister from Average Quilter quilted it...she is getting pretty mean with that longarm of hers.  Notice the hand crochet table cloth on the right.....AVERAGE QUILTER!!  Yep...she made it.

Then today this quilt arrived...this is for my son James, my mother made this and hand quilted it.  I have mentioned before that she has made all of her grandkids a quilt and has hand quilted them.  She has 24 grandkids and I believe she only has two more quilts to finish.  

What a long post for someone who is no longer down in the tooth.  Have a great day and HAPPY Sewing!!


  1. OMGosh, what gorgeous quilts Barb. And, you lucky your boys are to receive hand-quilted quilts from their grandmother.

  2. I had one of those days yesterday. I ended up sleeping much of the day away and then for 12 hours that night - maybe I was actually sick. :-)

  3. What a great show & tell! Your sister needs to rethink that AVERAGE Quilter name. Looks pretty awesome to me!

  4. Your mom is awesome, Barb. Her work is beautiful as is your sister's quilting. Looking forward to the dots!

  5. Both quilts are stunning. Not surprising; you come from a talented family.

  6. I love the dot fabrics. So bright! Enjoy reading your new book. Your quilt is beautiful and the quilting is outstanding. The table cover is so pretty and I think goes perfectly with the quilt.

  7. Just getting over a nasty virus....I told the others I didn't want it, but they shared it anyway. Bummer. Maybe when I feel better I'll do some cleaning! Right now I just want to sleep!

  8. Your family's work is so beautiful Barb.

  9. Love the quilts your sister and mom made! I'm glad you're feeling better!

  10. The quilts are beautiful, the one your Mother hand quilted is so special,I am glad I only have two grandsons and they are both on their second quilt since birth. You are a very creative and talented family. How many sisters and brothers do you have? I am an only child and I sure miss having sisters or brothers it is especially lonely I think as you get older.
    I am glad cleaning your home cheered you up some I always feel better have I have done a good cleaning. Stay Happy Blessings Sandra

  11. Beautiful quilts. I have made my grandkids quilts, but they don't look anything like that. Easy piecing and machine quilting. Your mom made heirlooms. I made comforters.

  12. Wait! Average Quilter is your sister??? How cool is that? :)

  13. love those quilts!
    can't wait to see your dot project.

  14. Love it when you are 'long in the tooth'! I can't believe your family of quilters! You sister is not an average quilter or crocheter!!!! My heavens such talent in this family....and your gosh oh, me! I tried to hand quilt a baby daughter was three when I figured it would never get done...your Mom is absolutely amazing! And 24 grandchildren...what incredible accomplishments...all!

  15. I am excited about dot to dot. I am also on the last day. It should be fun. I still have not settled on the fabric but I have the design in mind.

  16. You are in a NEW HOME, what do you mean you felt you needed to clean? Are you CRAZY? Seriously, you just moved in. How about coming to visit and helping me clean?

    Love all your quilts. I'm very impressed your mother made quilts that were hand quilted for all of her grandchildren. Very special.


  17. The quilts looks amazing! I think it is wonderful that your Mom is making all the grandkids a quilt.

  18. Your mom sure has created some gorgeous heirlooms for her grandbabies- and what great fun it would be to have learned to quilt with mom. My mom is a really talented lady- gifted in the ways that she shows kindness to others and a fabulous cook and baker. She does not like to sew or quilt. She used to embroider and crochet and she still makes cards and scrapbooks things. I love your mom's design and color choices. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you are having a terrific weekend.
    Warmest regards,


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