Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday a few of us got together and had a little luncheon. My friend set a beautiful table and everyone brought something. I was suppose to bring homemade rolls but....ahhhh...

.I was busy running around with my husband until the last minute, so I ended up getting French Bricquets at Penara Breads. What was a gal to do?

 The food was great but the little gifts were just awesome. The hostess made these cute jewelry bags. Adorable huh???

I had such plans today when I got up, pulled out my fabrics, ironing board...had a mess from here to kingdom come.....

 Husband comes downstairs and says..."Let's go to breakfast"...

no need to ask this girl twice.... By the time we got home it was late in the afternoon....lost my motivation but I did use her jewelry bag as a pattern and made this...

Another friend made these...isn't it adorable????

Just found out that my one son in Hawaii has a job prospect here in DC after he graduates in Dec.  Now ask me if I am excited to move to Texas?  


  1. OMGosh, these kids and their timing....

  2. They are so cute. I like your new blog look.

  3. Those little jewelry bags are so cute! Wait.. your son might move back, but you are moving to TX?

  4. Are you excited or what?
    Great gift ideas Clever friends

  5. Very cute. And, I'm quite happy your son in Hawaii has a job prospect near you, but I agree - not great timing with your pending move to Texas. Still, I think you are going to end up being a Southern Gal too!


  6. cute little bag... adn that little doily sleepy girl is very sweet... does that mean your son is going to move to where you are going to leave? that's harsh...

  7. I feel your pain. We moved to Atlanta to live near one of our sons. He and his wife finally adopted a baby at the same time my husband got a job in Florida. So far I am staying put cause I just can't bear to leave them just yet! Good luck whatever your future brings!

  8. Both the bag and doily are lovely , lucky you to receive such sweet gifts . Maybe you will have to reconsider moving :-(

  9. The little bags are so cute! I love the little doll. At least your son will be closer than when he was in Hawaii.

  10. Cute jewelry bags. Love the crocheted angel! I like anything with pineapples actually.

    At least your Son will be closer/easier to visit.

  11. Sweet little bags, I know how you feel Murray and I moved to Stratford to help our daughter and now they are talking about moving to Ecuador. I don't know what we will do when they go . Maybe move to Texas LOL

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  13. I love drawstring bags. Any size. They are an addiction
    Fate plays by her 'rules', Barb. Who knows how things will turn out.
    Love & hugs


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