Saturday, May 26, 2012


I just have to say that it is great to be home. That last flight home has left me somewhat GREEN around the gills. I had such plans for today and well......what more can I say except "It ain't easy being Green"

Before I left for Texas I had received this wonderful Earth Bag that I won in a giveaway.. I thought of this bag a lot while gone, maybe because it was one of the last things I opened but it also made me aware of how wasteful those plastic bags are. Thanks Tammy, you can find her blog here. I truly enjoy her blog and do hope you go and pay a visit.

Confession time here:......I have been so horribly bad about reading blogs, I hit or miss. I keep saying I will try to do better, so I am sorry if I have not been in a while. I will say that I do try to visit the blogs of those that comment and sometimes I fail in that department as well.

That being said.

Before I left I won these:

from Carli at "Good Earth Quilting", what wonderful scraps to do some crazy quilting with. Thanks Carli and once again, wonderful blog to go and visit.

Now ..... how many of you think that it was hard for me to leave these fabrics behind? Oh my gosh.....Indian Summer by Zoe Pearn.....

My sister Jeanette (Inchworm Fabrics) sent these to me right before I left for Texas as well. Rest assured that they recieved a lot of petting and loves before I left.

Now that I am back...more petting and more lovin going on over here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Week-end. It was wonderful when the airlines would let the soldiers go first on the plan. Many thanks go to our men and women everywhere. BE SAFE AND GOD BLESS!!!


  1. It's certainly not easy to keep up with all the blogs we'd like to. But we'd never have anyting to share if we spent all our time computing and blog hopping. My favorite blogs are the ones that DON'T post too often. There is usually more quality in the content.

  2. I have a hard time keeping up too Barb. Great bag and I just visited her blog and wow , she has some incredible machines in her sidebar,worth visiting just to see those. Congrats on your wins :-)

  3. I'm torn between using reusable bags and the plastic bags. I use the plastic bag for the small trash cans. You have so many wonderful things to pet. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. welcome home and nice loot

  5. Glad to hear you are home safely. And super nice to hear the airlines had the soldiers board before others. Very special and appropriate gesture.


  6. Congratulations on the wins!! Love the fabric your sister sent you!! Hope ur feeling un-green soon!! So are u moving to Texas??

  7. Hi Barb I am glad you found a home to rent.Tell me a bit about it. I am glad it is near Joanne's that will certainly make the transition easier for you.LOL I have been off looking at blogs some too just my real favourites. They are charging for bags up here in Canada so we certainly have started bringing our own cloth ones for a few years now. I suppose you will have to start packing soon or does someone come in and pack for you. I had that done once and just loved it but laughed a lot at other end when I unpacked things. blessings Sandra

  8. In Long Beach, plastic bags have been banned. I makes my heart sing. Congrats on your wins.

  9. What interesting comments from three other ladies on this memorable giveaway. I was so taken with the interest of crazy quilting from fabrics I use all the time. Mixing, blending, embellishing and along the way, you meet new folks.
    Have fun with your 'pretties'

    all the best,

  10. I'm sorry you got green around the gills on your trip back. Love the wins and congratulations! Love that Inchworm Fabric your sister sent you, too. I sympathize with the feeling, petting and loving on fabric. I do the same!

  11. Welcome home Barb, I think most of us have a hard time keeping up with reading blogs. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

  12. Hi Barb, Congrats on the fabric scraps you won. The inchworm fabric your sister sent is delightful. I'm delighted you got your Earth Day prize. I hope you enjoy the thread snips for all your crafty things and use the bag for shopping. Happy Memorial Day.


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