Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sometimes I feel like the Engine and other times I feel like the caboose. Last week was a caboose week.

I have been working on some special things but I am waiting for a pattern to be proof read, and then Caroll from the Attic Shop Window

and I have been working on a little surprise together. We will showcase that in June and more details will come out in the future.

So a lot of fun things going on….

Today, I have cut out four drunkard paths quilts.

IMG_0550 IMG_0551

The two blue ones are for twin boys… I have a confession, it is sooo hard to cut into my Samoan Fabrics.

IMG_0552 IMG_0553

Cut out some houses from the House Die. I will have to be totally honest here, I was not happy with

the size of these cottages. I was hoping for bigger ones.

These measure about 4” in length…. No one asked me, you are right!!! And yes, I should have read the package before buying.

I will make that a mental note for future reference when buying dies. It is cute, don’t you think?


It is wonderful to cut several quilts at a time because it decreases the stash but………………..

(don’t judge me on the organization here…I was rummaging and when I do, it never goes

back the way I had it).


but it increases the scraps…..


So this gal is going to fire up her engines and get busy…..get my big caboose in gear!!!

I just noticed when reading my post on my blog that blogger has attached some advertisements to selected words and have highlighted them...I have not asked for this.

Also on the 9th, I am over at Sew We Quilt and will be giving away a runner her on my blog.


  1. Stash busting it the best! I am doing a little of that myself. Doesn't mean I'm not also adding.

  2. Looks like you have your caboose in gear now. I would not want to cut the Somoan fabric. The houses maybe small but they are so cute. Have lots of fun!

  3. Cute wonky houses! I bet it is so hard to cut into those Samoan fabrics...someday you will return and you can get more in person.

  4. We all have days we feel like the caboose. I doubt a caboose could put together those fantastic fabric combos! I like the houses but they don't blow me away. As for your organization, I am not showing mine!!,

  5. Four quilts!!! You are definitely the engine this week =D

    I haven't noticed the highlighting/advertisements on your blog....at least not yet.

  6. I don't see that Blogger has attached anything. I know my friend Diane has the same problem, but only she could see it. I can't believe you cut out 4 quilts! Love those fabrics. Have fun with those scraps.

  7. I can see why you are reluctant to cut into those Samoan fabrics...so pretty! Love your drunkards path pieces; I'm thinking about getting that die next. Looking forward to seeing progress on the little houses - they're cute!

  8. That samoan fabric is really nice. Cute houses. I'm going to have to check out the die. I LOVE houses......

  9. I don't have the house die (yet) there is so much talk about doing the mini houses (one a day?) that I may get the die and do something wonky with my scraps

  10. NOw tell the truth, did you really cut drunkard's Path for little kids???? Great fabrics, you could even mix and match the four quilts together.

    Those little houses are darling. I am having fun finishing projects this year. Quite a treat as I don't finish any where near as many as I start. Have a finished lap size top this week and bought the batting this morning.

  11. I think your engine is in full gear now , you have lots of interesting projects on the go and I love those Samoan fabrics !

  12. We have to wait until June? Will be watching.
    Never made a drunkards path before.
    I do like the little houses even though they are small.

  13. Yeah, I don't think there's a caboose involved in all these great starts. Fun fabrics you have decided to play with. And those little houses are really cute....anxious to see how you decide to use them.

  14. your machine is going to be 'smokin' hot .... great projects..

  15. I would NEVER consider you the caboose!!!!! I love those little houses.

  16. Can't wait to see the new quilts. I'm with you, the houses are too little. I always forget to check the package before buying.

  17. I think you can, I think you can....I KNOW you CAN!

  18. The houses are super cute! Sounds like your machine is going to be busy!!

  19. Barb, you are a go-getter so I know all will fall into place and your engines will rev up!!!

  20. When in caboose mode, you are still faster than when I'm at warp speed.

    Very cute post. Love all your projects. While small, those houses are still going to be very cute.


  21. I just love the way you go from one to another. Sometimes on two at the same time! I am having trouble doing one thing at a time.

  22. You are so far ahead of me with these hi-tech wonders! Love the cute little results, esp Sunbonnet Sues and Drunkard's Path in your other post. Great creating!


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