Friday, December 2, 2011


I am need of a craft project for the Young Women in two weeks.

Trying to find a Christmas themed project that requires no machine sewing because we have too many girls. The age range is 12 to 18.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!


  1. Candy cane wreath

    Button Ornament

    Ornament Wreath

    Here is just a few.

  2. Hi Barbara.... here are a few of my favourites.....
    paper trees....
    paper wreath:
    ribbon trees:
    paper tree:
    Heart house:
    my very own snowflakes and ornaments - felt:
    felt circle ornie:
    styrofoam ball:
    heart house:
    I hope these give you some ideas... and not just overwhelm you with pictures!!!!!

  3. Oh Barb, I just saw one the other day. It's darling. Go here

  4. Folded Star ornaments. This is only one tutorial... you could do a search for others.
    (It does not take all those pins, either.)

    Redwork? Felt? Cross Stitch? Just thinking out loud...

  5. Shrinky Dinks. All you need are coloring pencils, and a heat gun or a toaster oven. This project never loses it's fun. You could get some DMC floss to make them into jewelry, but punching holes before you shrink 'em. All the girls may not feel like drawing their own stuff, so you could print out designs of animals, stars, or mandalas from your computer, and they could trace them :-)

  6. How about..
    Disappearing 9 patch, table topper, pillow, placemats, use Christmas fabrics.

  7. How about baking and decorating muffins? Making their own necklace or bracelets?? Making a mosaics-pictureframe or mirror?? Pimping an old handbag??
    Just some ideas, hope you come up with something! Let us know what you did??

  8. Barb I've seen some really cute tags for presents on Pinterest - they used card stock cut into lables, punched a hole for ribbon and decorated with buttons, ribbon, ric rac, etc. glued on. Take a look around for those - they would be easy and fun. blessings, marlene

  9. Check out They have shown some really cute Christmas projects lately.

  10. ribbon candy ornaments. Wrights Trims website used to have the instructions.

  11. Here are a few possibilities:
    1) Make a scented ornament using a ribbon, an orange and oodles of cloves.
    2) Use your SLICE to make XMAS greeting cards or personalized gift tags
    3) decorate candy canes to make them look like reindeers(always easy, inexpensive and fun).
    4) make gingerbread houses using graham crackers
    5) get felt at JoAnns and make some big Gingerbread Men decorations
    6) decorate old CDs with glitter and/or paint to make Xmas Ornaments
    7) Use "Snipit" approach to cut adhesive back scraps of fabric to iron on to fabric, or card stock, to make Christmas Trees, Wreaths, etc. Very easy & fun.

    I have a yoyo project idea, but it may be too costly for your group. Let me know if you still need more ideas and I'll gladly share.


  12. Gingerbread houses are always fun and messy :)

  13. I like the Shrinky Dink idea. You could also do air dry clay ornaments. There are a ton of these on Pinterest ranging from really homemade to very professional looking.

  14. Knit fingerless gloves or a simple scarf. Tons of free patterns on Ravelry. Yarn is fairly cheap, especially if you catch it on sale at Joanns or wherever.

  15. This is a really cute and easy to put together button ornament! :) Let us know what you choose -- it will be fun!!! :)

  16. LOL, Mary took my idea~ the ribbon tree ornaments of gift tags. :-)

  17. Hey Barb! The ladies above me have offered up some great suggestions. Something I did once with the young girls at our church was to take old Christmas cards and cut them up to make book marks. You just fussy cut the design you want from the card, punch a hole in the top with a hole punch, insert a piece of yarn through the hole and tie in a knot. Then they can sign the backs or put their favorite Bible verse on it, etc.

    I know you'll come up with some great projects...have fun!



  18. Remember those Christmas trees I made last year.

  19. We did this

  20. I have a tutorial on my blog for some really simple Christmas sewing, just scissors, tule, hot glue and a form....these can be made in an hour or so...

  21. How about coasters (the 4-patch ones could be sewn by hand), candle mats with applique shapes cut with your Go!, personalised Christmas cards with things cut from your Slice?

  22. Here are some cute trees
    and while your there, check out all the other cute cool stuff she has tutorials on too!

  23. Felt fridge magnets? No sewing required!

  24. How about a wall hanging that just uses some kind of glue or adhesive instead of sewing to secure pieces?

  25. Ribbon tree ornaments! Hold on, I've got them pinned to try with my girls when they're here on break . . .

    Here's the link for the pic that sucked me in:

    And the tutorial she did up when it went viral:

  26. Lots of fun ideas! I found this country Santa:


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