Monday, October 31, 2011


Well....while I was out hopping through all the wonderful Ghastlie blogs today...I happened upon this at the Quilt n Queen

This goes right along with the theme we have for the Young Women next week.

When I went back to look at her blog, I noticed that my neck is not big enough, but this will do...I certainly don't want to go back and redo them. Now that was a question....I am putting it out there. Maybe I will just leave these three as is and do the others longer? Serves me to pay better attention.

This is all I got done today...besides working and scavenging for my neutrals project (you will have to stay tuned for that one....) Don't you love cliff hangers????

BUT!!!!!!! I have to say that I had the most splendid evening. I am teaching one of my little gals how to quilt. We are doing a wall hanging for her room. She came over today and she is just awesome. I showed her my unconventional way of doing things and she just went right along....the ideas were just bouncing around the room....Talk about creative energy...we had it... We got a lot done for one hour. The next time we will put our designs into place and be rolling.... There has to be something said for these young people. Even tho I do not have grandchildren does not mean I can't love other people's children....and enjoy them....

Don't forget the Ghastlie hop, as mentioned before...look to my sidebar for the dates and places. Have an Ghastlie of a Halloween!!


  1. I see you fell in love with these little aprons too. I thought i was being good and printed a template you..and here you already made

  2. I saw those dish soap aprons during the Moda Country Fair Blog Hop....they are so cute! And I don't think there is anything wrong with the length of looks fine to me. After all, aprons aren't supposed to go to your feet, right?

    How awesome that you are teaching one of "your" young girls to quilt. And don't have to have grandchildren to love other people's children...I don't have any children and I have always been in love with other people's kids! :o)

    Happy Halloween!



  3. How cute! Of course, you can love other people's children. Someday your sons will give you lots of grandchildren.

  4. Those are the cutest things I have ever seen....

  5. Those are cute I used to make them in my younger days.

  6. I'm a member of the I'll-be-a-grandma-someday Club, too! LOL I've always loved being with kids, whether my own, their friends, or others that I'm just getting to know. I think it's awesome that you are teaching that young lady a skill that she'll be able to use and enjoy for many years. Love your soap aprons -- so cute!

  7. Many people mother other people's children--that counts for grandmothers, too. And, bless them, what would any of us do without the "extra" women in our lives.

  8. I think the aprons are fine as is. The next batch can be a bit longer and nobody will really know.

    I think it's wonderful that you are a fill-in Grandma. Kids tend to listen or learn more from someone other than their parents so the more the merrier.

  9. Those are the cutest little aprons I have ever seen. I have no grandkids either, but I love teaching kids how to quilt, knit or crochet etc.

  10. Love reading your blog...always something fun and interesting...and love the work you do with others...
    And taking the beautiful present you sent me to the farm my hand luggage!...thank you once again for such incredible will be treasured...

  11. Cute covering for the soap.
    My MIL used to make those long time ago.
    I was wondering if you could help me out. Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said you might.
    I used to have my comments number but for some reason they disappeared. Can you share a good link that I might use to get them back. I tried 3 last night and it doesn't work. Not sure what is going on. Thanks for any help you can give me.


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