Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today I finished up these three quilts. Snap! Crackle! and POP! I really should show close ups because I tried my hand at free motion quilting on the pink one. I did whatever on the frog one and just meandered the pinwheel. Talk about fun!!!!!

I wanted to show you the border of this Thimbleberries quilt.... This quilt covers a king sized bed and draps over as you see.
Here it is again....
Finsihed up the other two towels.
Boy, it feels so good to get some projects completed.

I often think of the times when I would go to garage sales and the kids would be selling their mom's unfinished quilts for next to nothing. Then projects not finished....and of course their fabrics for cheap. Well....if that is not a motivator to get my projects done, I don't know what is??? Actually, it was really sad....I always hated it when the mom was at the garage sale.

So....let's get cracking on those you hear the whip!!!! I will be your biggest cheerleader!!!

Snap, Crackle, Pop
Finish those tops,
Hop,,, Hop.. to the fabric Shops
Chop! Chop!!Chop!!
machine never stop,
until you finish those quilt tops!


  1. Oh Barb, I couldn't possibly live long enough. Sigh....

    But, you are a quilting machine.

  2. That's cute Barb, I love the little cheer... were you a cheerleader in school :)
    All the quilts are cute and love the thimbleberry. Have a happy 4th.

  3. A finish always feels good - to have so many must feel great!

  4. cute little quilts and the tea towels are adorable.
    ah yes I wish I could find those garage sales with quilt tops!

  5. Yes, ma'am, I'm finishing them! :)

    Your projects are lovely.

  6. The little quilts are so pretty. Love the frogs!The border is perfect for your Thimbleberries quilt. That quilt is a biggie! Your towels turned out great! You are certainly turning out the projects.

  7. My grandmother sewed all her quilts by hand - piecing quilting etc- and I don't think she left a single unfinished top.

  8. I finished a top last night--could have used the cheer, though. I have two others that are close to finished, but by the end of the month, maybe. No way for the weekend. Great cheer and lovely quilts. That king-size is impressive.

  9. Great finishes. Of course my favorite is the frog quilt. Happy Fourth.

  10. Beautiful quilts Barb. I guess I will have to come back and haunt my kids. Funny though, kids never want to do what you do but my son loves to garden and my daughter wants to garden in her new home so maybe the quilting gene will be passed on too.

  11. Congrats on the finishes! I have a stack of quilt tops that need to be finished. I was thinking about cutting the quilts down to baby size so I have a better chance of getting them finished. They are scrappy so unpicking a row won't hurt the design.

  12. Cute little quilts!! I know just how you feel about selling the quilt tops! How sad! This is why I went straight to my cousin's sewing rooms and rescued all her unfinished projects before her bereaved husband literally threw it all out in his crazy grief. (Kudos to her for having them organized in bins and bags!!)

  13. Good for you, so many finishes! I love them all, especially the little froggie quilt. :)

  14. Very inspirational post to get those UFO's done. You are so right!
    Great finishes!

  15. You are so creative, Barb. I love your quilt & towels.

    May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

    Happy 4th, my friend,

    TTFN ~

  16. I love your quilts and towels,they are beautiful.

  17. Wonderful projects Barb! Such inspiration here!!! Thanks for sharing...and cracking the whip!!! 8-)

  18. Great quilts. You've been a busy girl :-)

  19. Hey maybe that's what I need to do, have my son do a garage sale. That what I won't have to finish the Dear Jane or that NYB quilts LOL. Cute quilts, you get sooooo much done!!


  20. Great finishes, Barb! You must feel terrific. I have be working in the garden. Well, that's my excuse anyway. Hope I live long enough to finish all of my wonderful starts.


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