Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sixteen degrees outside and whinning!!! Snow is in the forcast for today!!! We are traveling to I guess we ain't(I can say ain't because I just left Texas) in Samoa anymore!

So....we flew in to Texas on Thursday and Friday I drove to my mother's...that night my hands started sweating, my eyes became beady.....

Hands shaking...

all I could say was "Lead me to your machine and no one will be hurt"!

My mother was afraid, very afraid....she has never seen this side of me....

No questions asked....

She was thinking, "What happened to my baby in Samoa"?

"Has anyone seen my daugher"? This for sure is not the sweet, loveable, generous, (are you sick yet) gal that I know"!

Okay, all fun aside, I have had these panels from Jeanette (Inchworm Fabrics) for a few years now and decided I would bring them with me plus the fat quarters she had given me and work up some kind of top. I had time....and it is. the way, I was scanned at the Honolulu airport....I won't get on my soap box of how it made me feel one came out of a room with a stick gouging their eyes out... Maybe it would have been some kind of justice if they had of.


  1. Of course, you can say ain't. Continue to say it when you arrive in VA so people will ask where you are from. lol Bless your heart, it must have been hard having sewing withdrawals. I'm so glad your mother was able to help you. The quilt top is very cute.

  2. Hope you stay warm while you gradually adjust to the climate shock. Love the top. It's really cute.

  3. Oh, my gosh! You are in VA. You are where ... near me? in MD? Shucks! Love you write, Barb, & your great sense of humor.

    Merry Christmas & holiday joys ~

  4. Sorry about the chill, but it is so Christmassy!!! And so is your darling quilt! Welcome back to "the mainland"! I say scan away - instead of being upset, I'm just glad I don't have that job!

  5. I'm glad your travels are safe so far and hope they continue to be so. You have an open invitationt o set up temporary shop here if you need to!

    Cheers, Beck

  6. Sorry about the cold weather, but so glad you are "here". Been on my mind and hoping all was going well. Glad you got your quilt fix. Always a good thing. Enjoy the journey!

  7. Welcome back to the Mainland or should I say cold land? Sooo cold, too cold for this time of year. Mother Nature sure does have a mnind of her own. Take it easy, relax and e njoy the Holidays and your new home!

  8. Stay warm!!! I have never been in that kind of weather since I have lived in Southern California my whole life. I freeze at 60 degrees. LOL!

    LOVE that quilt you put together. It is very happy!

  9. Withdrawls are a dangerous thing. It's wonderful that your mother allowed you to get a quilty fix!! I'm very happy to never fly again, it's just too much of a headache, besides being charged for one bag of luggage is rediculous. I mean really, who can travel for one or two weeks with a tiny carry on? Besides, they won't let me on with a rotary cutter LOL.


  10. Welcome "home" Barb. I was wondering if you had commandeered a sewing machine yet. Ha ha.

    The quilt top looks great.

  11. That is TOO funny about the airport scanning! LOL Enjoy the snow! :)

  12. Girlfriend, I know just what you mean....except for is TimTams that make me shake rattle and shoot....well....shake rattle and roll...after eating them I do have more rolls than I ever had before.

    I've gone cold turkey....and I ain't goin back....guess I'll have to swap addictions to my sewing machine too :)

    A little snow won't hurt you one little bit....just open the warm heart and I bet the entire state sprouts Palm Trees....look out Virginia....Palm Trees are on the way....but no Tsunamis...NONE.


  13. It looks like the appropriate quilt to be working on in cold Virginia. Have Fun!

  14. No...I would say that seeing snow will definitely make you realize you are not in Samoa anymore. Glad to see a post from you, Barb.

    Safe travels!

  15. Do you want some cheese with that whine? On the serious side----it is hard to move, so I hope you find a nice place to call home. Glad you got some sewing time in!!!!

  16. Good to get a blog from you Barb. I understand about your withdrawal symtoms.

  17. Oh Barb, I love reading your blog. You always put me in a good mood.
    I lucked out, I was neither scanned nor groped to or from Paris.

    Bundle up girly and put on a pot of tea to help you stay warm!

  18. So glad you are back, missed you!! I am so glad your mother took you to a sewing machine, immediately! That reduced the symptoms right away, I am sure! Great post!
    Adorable quilt, wish I could see it up close, those snowmen look like they are real cute!
    I bet getting use to the temps will take some time! But a WHITE Christmas!!!!! You can't beat that!

  19. What a cute little quilt! Good for you getting some sewing time in! :0)

  20. Ah, you are now in the states...Welcome and be sure and get your coat out. Like you said you are not in AS anymore. LOL. I know it will take a little while of getting used to the weather over here again but you'll do just fine. I know what you mean about withdrawals from the sewing machine too. I hope you are better now. My husband was home on vacation last week and I didn't even look at my machine. I thought I was going crazy for awhile and then it dawned on my what was wrong...I headed straight to my machine and after spending 30 minutes sewing, my blood pressure was better and I could see straight. Get unpacked and organized but don't go too long without taking a sewing break. I'm glad you made it safely over here. Happy Holidays! Linda

  21. too cute. I didn't realize the airport in Hawaii had the scanning equipment yet. Darn, this means I'll get scanned the next time I go to Hawaii.

    Keep telling yourself, on your drive to Virginia, "it ain't cold". And maybe you'll stay warm.

    Do you have a good coat, hat & gloves yet?


  22. Welcome to the mainland. You are a most important addition, groucy and withdrawn and jet lagged or not.

  23. I have been wondering if you are settled in yet and I did not want to bother you. I bet you are just itching to have your own place.

  24. Ha ha!!! you are having withdrawal symptoms.

    My first giveaway is up on my blog and I hope I can reciprocate with a gift card sponsored by CSN Stores!

    Please do enter!

  25. Yay! You got to see your mom! I'm with you on the cold and the hands shaking for some sewing. My machine is expected to arrive tomorrow and I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa. Poor delivery man doesn't know what is in store when he arrives. Funny thing is that the quilt I just started is similar to the picture you posted.

  26. Oh you must be in weather shock! I can't imagine how cold you must be. thin blood and all.
    where will you be living? Surely not in the winter climate after paradise?
    Yes to the machine. I spent 4 hours yesterday sewing...a bit too long as the hip is bothering me today, but I come machine!

  27. Hi Barb, love the quilt top. Panels are fun and so quick! I got scanned flying back from Minneapolis and from Milwaukee these past few weeks. I was like "whatever". It's definitely only a few seconds out of your life, especially if you "Pay no attention to the man behind the curain!" LOL Whatever gets me through the line the fastest. 8)

    Welcome back to the states, (sorry it wasn't sunny Texas)
    Susan in Texas

  28. That whole airport scanning thing, I have no idea what to think other than I would rather be on a plane with the scanned people than on one without!!!

    Oh yes snow! YUCKY!!!

  29. Hope you get over the climate shock soon! Not likely to be pleasant in Virginia with all that snow! Just need to keep quilting to stay warm! Love that quilt you made at your mom's. I think everyone should have a machine available for visitors, don't you?

  30. Welcome to the homeland!!! :) Sounds like your travels are moving a long smoothly!

    You'll be passing me by on the way VA, when you go past Knoxville, TN, wave!! (or if you want you can stop at my shop-Gina's Sewing, I'm working the next few days :)

    Safe travels, Barb!

  31. I was wondering how you were handling the cold. Your quilt looks wonderful. I love snowmen.

  32. I see you are not in Hawaii anymore. What a radical change to go from Samoa to Hawaii to Texas and then to Virginia! With the cold temps and the snow, you must be in total shock. Well, I am sure that you were back to saying "Y'all" and easily reverted back to being Texan while you were there. Have a safe trip to Virginia!

  33. This move means you are getting closer to me. You know I have told that we will meet one day. Maybe I'll be in VA doing Guild talks or a workshop. Yup we are going to meet.

    Welcome Home.


  34. I don,t want to fly again ever if I can get alternative transport . It was a pantomime in Oct,.last time and that was only an internal flight .
    I love those snow man blocks
    Get well soon--cottonreel

  35. Cute snowman panel! Happy to hear from you again. Hoping that you will get settled in and start blogging again soon. I love your posts!

  36. Enjoy your memories--the best times--of your time in American Samoa.
    And welcome back to a different pace and different weather and a somewhat different life. But the quilting won't change--just the speed at which you'll find the supplies you need. :)

  37. Loving the quilt! Really cute!!
    LOL on the airport part of the message!
    Happy Sewing & Happy Living!! :)

  38. Yee Haw!!! the turkey.. I mean eagle.. has landed!!! We say ain't and ya'll here in my part of VA!
    These horrid temps in the teens and early snow are NOT normal for this time of year for us here on the coast!!
    I am ready for it to just move on out to sea!!!
    Love that cute top ya worked up at Mama's house...;-)

  39. Cute little quilt. Shaping up to be pretty cold this week, 'ain't' it, now? :)


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