Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My husband and I went walking on Monday and I saw an ukulele and thought, wow, what a fun idea for a quilt. Well...apparently, others thought so too....and so today as I was out and about, I found this in a quilt shop. She allowed me to take pictures.

Here is another adorable one.

This pineapple one is from a different store. I did ask at other places but they would not allow pictures.

I went walking today with my camera because I found alot of inspirational objects, pictures that I thought would make wonderful quilts when walking with husband on Monday.... one word of advice,.....always go out with your camera...when going back to find those inspirations, well..........couldn't find them....pooey...only a few.
I don't take my camera because it is too heavy.
NOW I NEED TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE, SEE THE SIGNATURE BELOW? JENNIFER GIVES GREAT DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO DO THIS......BUT I WANT MINE TO BE MORE PERSONAL LIKE FIONA'S , SO IT IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. But...for those of you who want to do this, please visit Jennifer's blog and then visit Fiona's...both wonderful gals and great blogs.


  1. Barb,
    Those quilts are most beautiful. The quilting is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. Oh Barb, I was surprised cos I thought you hadn't been able to do it..... I think it's great....
    I love the quilt pictures - I always am amazed at what people create - I think it's strange when people won't let photo's be taken - to me it is a hugest compliment....

  3. All of these are so pretty but my favorite is the red ukulele. I can't imagine make the brown ukulele. Hope you are enjoying your trip.

  4. Those are simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Barb.

    I could not pick a favorite but I love the pineapple one.. symbol of hospitality. Just awesome!!! And I love, love those leaves! I took lots of pics of those leaves/plants one year while on vacation/business trip for hubby in Hawaii.


    ...and could you do me a favor? Am I showing as a noreply blogger? This has been driving me nuts all day! Now I am revisiting all the Fall into Fall giveaway sites. Hundreds of responses/comments on each blog and I might miss out on those fabulous prizes!!! :-O Thanks! K

  5. Very striking quilts, the quilting is amazing!

  6. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts, Barb. The first one is especially appealing to me. I can imagine cutting out a paper pattern for it, just like the way I used to cut out paper dolls.
    BTW-- as I'm typing this, I can see that I'm visitor # 100,105 on your blog. That's a lot of looks, Barb. Congrat's!

  7. Thanks for sharing those pics. I wonder if more might say yes if you offer to put a link to their site/store?

  8. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like your vacation is going well so far.

  9. I love all the quilt pics. The brown and cream ukulele would have to be my favorite. The silhouettes are wonderful and the quilting is an amazing work of art on it own.

    As for cameras, I always have one in my purse. I purchased a little Sony Cyber-Shot for easy carrying. It is a wonderful camera. I do not like the light weight and small size when shooting, but it is compact enough to carry on me at all times. I have captured many art references with it!

  10. Loving those quilts Barb. Simply beautiful.

  11. Beautiful quilts Barb. Thanks for sharing. I think you know how much I enjoy Hawaiian quilting.


  12. Stunning quilts Barb. I did notice yesterday that your signature was different. I like it. Thank you for sharing the source.

  13. Ooooo the quilts are beautiful!! I'm glad that some let you take pictures :0) The dolls in the previous post are cute too (I'm being lazy and commenting on only 1 posting LOL).


  14. Love all the quilts! You just make me want to sew and create!!! I'll be doing more of that soon! I've updated my blog..finally...please check it out! I love you!

  15. The first quilt is absolutely amazing! The appliqué is stunning on its own. Then add in the amazing quilting and you have a masterpiece.

    I love the second one too. The ukulele reminds me of Elvis of course lol.

    The pineapples are fun. I love the look of Hawaiian quilts and would love to try making one but I think I would be better off with making a pillow first.

  16. What great finds you have made this week! Phoey on those that wouldn't let you take pics for us!

  17. So very pretty! I just finished reading the Aloha Quilt. In the book it is sort of explained how the traditional quilters make these awesome quilt tops.
    Love you siggie!

  18. Glad you had your camera..nice quilts. Hope your headache is gone.


  19. I loved all of the quilts, and so glad that you had your camera with you!

  20. Beautiful work! Glad you carried your camera! Love your new byline signature!

  21. I love the Hawaiian quilts. I have two started and a few more patterns waiting. Makes me want to pull them out and work on them. Great photos!!

  22. I love the Hawaiian style of quilting. the one with the ukelele is my favorite.
    I probably will never make one, but I sure enjoy looking at them.


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