Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been going through alot of fabric lately but don't feel sorry for me (not that you should) but.....went shopping again. Remember my husband said I could...I remind him of that when he teases me.

These fabrics are not as vibrant and beautiful in these pictures as they are when you view them first hand.... I got six yards of this.

Loved this one so much, I got six yards as well...

I got all that was left on the bolt of this....ummmmm ummmm good...this one deserves a good burp after seeing it.

I just liked the simplicity of this one.

A little Christmas fabric on the end....and some more goodness on the other.

Yep...good shopping day husband just shakes his head, you would think with all that shaking that his brain would roll out his ears....HA!!!

All of your answers were so wonderful.....really brought alot of gratitude to my heart.

I tried to copy and paste her answer but for some reason I couldn't....pooey. But Ashley from "A piece of me"
is getting this stocking..... So Ashley, I am running out the door but can you email me over your address??
Have a wonderful day, mine is just beginning....whohoooooo more shopping? Out for breakfast? Hiking? Sewing (hopefully)....


  1. OOOOh I am loving the Samoan fabric. Hey, that reminds me that I have some that I bought. I think I need to dig it out and make something pretty.

  2. Beautiful fabric! I would probably use the red first or maybe the blue. It would be hard for me to decide. Whew! Glad it is you having to decide.

  3. Very pretty fabric. Enjoy sewing it.

  4. That fabric is gorgeous! Congrats to Ashley.

  5. great fabrics Barb, I like the red in the christmas one, really gives it a punch.

  6. Great fabrics! I love them all.

  7. Love your fabrics. Looks a lot like the Hawaiian fabric I saw in Honolulu, which reminds me, I've got a bunch I brought back I need to do something with. I think I need to go back for some inspiration .

  8. I love... love... love the fabrics ~ Simple beautiful!

  9. Oooo pretty fabrics!! Love the top one :0)


  10. Love all the fabric. Bet that is one thing you will really miss when you leave Samoa!

  11. Those fabrics make me miss Samoa even more!

  12. Beautiful fabrics, Barb, and can understand how you couldn't resist buying them.

    BTW thanks for posting my GO cutter link on your blog. Lots of them GOing on right now. AccuQuilt is an amazing company.

  13. gorgeous fabrics Barbara- I love the blue ones particularly. I will look forward to see all the new things that you create with your beautiful choices.

  14. What beautiful fabrics. I haven't seen any of them around where I live. You did good, girl!

  15. Such beautiful fabrics, my dear
    Happy Quilting


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