Friday, August 27, 2010


So I am sitting at my machine, on the phone and what to my wondering eye appears.....

A red box........

Must find out what is in that red box.

I think I am going to find some rich treasure.....


Scraps and more scraps....ahhhhhhh how can that poor scrap breeders have taken over my pretty red box.

So I say "Go forth and Multiply!".... you pesty scrap breeders because

one day when no one is around....

when all is right with the world.....

when it is quiet outside....

and I am lonely and bored

I am going to pull out that Go cutter ...oh little pretties.....

Now as for yesterday. I had a ton of hexies cut out....spent time over the last few weeks cutting hexies out of cereal boxes, granola boxes....yes...I am too cheap to go and purchase the templates.....gotta a gripe with it?

I get call from the director of the W-Cap group and they want to come over and learn a skill that doesn't require a machine. I teach them the same flowers I taught the church group...then I pull out the hexies (never have I done them before).....but we have a site online. Cindy is trying to help me figure out how to do the center. We got the girls going on the cutting of the hexies with the cardboard. I gave them all that I had and the cut out hexies of material...showed them to do the ring first and next week we will show them the center. Cindy is so nice to chat with me online. Her and Betsy do that Wednesday Flower....

So now....

I have a date with my Go cutter...and I have a ton of scraps and some to no gripes is just fabulous....the weather here is gorgeous.....

all is right with the world,

it is quiet outside

but I am not bored yet.....but soon..very soon....I will stop those pesty scrap breeders in their straight of grain.


  1. Way to go girl. Love those "hexies". I love making Grandmother's Flower Garden using them. It sure is pretty.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. Wow, the hexies look so nice and neat. Do you iron the seam down or do you sew two together and turn them right side out then hand sew them? This little pea brain wants to know. I have a plastic hex pattern and would love to try a few.

  3. Say Barb,
    Could you please send me your e-mail address? I can't reply to you once in awhile. I know I have it, but I'am not sure which one it is.
    Thanks kiddo.
    Happy Quilting!

  4. SO glad you will be making hexies Barb and definetly a great way to use up those scraps.

  5. Hey good luck with those scraps, it's nice to know they haven't beaten you yet LOL.


  6. Hexes are very addicting. I have them every where. Glad I could help.

  7. Your scraps are like guppies! You do such good things with them though.

  8. Lovely hexies! Now go show those scraps who's boss!

  9. Great hexies. I have always loved the many projects available with them.

  10. Well, if those pesky scraps keeps multiplying, maybe they'll grow themselves back into full yards! :o)

    Love the hexies...I keep wanting to make them of these days, I'm going to!



    P.S. I think cutting your templates out of cereal boxes is smart and a GREAT way to recycle!

  11. I love making hexies! I use freezer paper for mine. I like how it keeps the fabric in place instead of sliding around when doing the basting. I also do not baste through the paper. I recently saw how some bloggers are making the flower portion and then adding the center. I'm a rebel and don't do that either lol. I start with the center hexie and stitch an outer hexie (flower petal) to each side of the center. Then I stitch each petal to the one next to it. I do remove the paper from the center hexie once all the others are attached. It allows me to fold the center one over as I stitch the outer petal together. Clear as mud? This way is less fiddly for me. No matter how you make them I think they are fun. Plus, they are a very portable craft. There are so many things you can make with the completed hexies.

    I love the turtle pincushions over at Craft Passion's site:

  12. How are you doing those hexies? Are you using the English paper piecing method? Just curious. Everyone seems to make them differently. I use the English method. I sew all six hexagons together, leaving the last seam open. Then I put the centre in and sew the last seam when I get to it.

  13. Fertile little scraps aren't they. Like you hexie.

  14. Awesome hexies! tee hee go get them scraps!!

  15. I always thought you started with the centre and worked out, but then again, what would I know? I'm never going to have the patience to make a hexie quilt - not even a small one.
    Your scraps seem to be getting a bit above themselves if you ask me. Time to tame them I think.

  16. Barb, My scraps seem to multiply also, I use them for applique. Don't you have a die for hexes? Oh, it would go so fast with a die. Can't wait to see your hexie flowers.


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