Friday, July 23, 2010


Husband brought me home some beautiful batiks....2 yards each, some white thread (I go though it like no one's business) and well...yes....he can't come home without these chocolate covered nuts. Noticed that they are not did not use self control, this stuff is like crack cocaine....he brought me two bags and well...I am busy with the first bag. No biggest loser this week....I am probably going to be a winner (no not proud of it but it is what it is and a pig is a pig no matter how you disguise it).
So, while my husband was away and me not being able to sleep, I finished this book, given to me by Darlene, Sew Cal Gal. I loved this book, and I have been to some of the places she awesome to read a book and know the places.

So....since I couldn't sleep last night and the above book got the juices flowing for a Hawaiian quilts....I got this pattern out, given to me last year by Sew Cal Gal..... Got it out....cut out the pattern (it is on fusible)....placed and pinned all the squares (there are four of these)

You sew the fusible to the right side of the material with the fusible side facing the right sew 15 stitches to an inch (this takes some time and by the time I got done stitching this, this gal was sleepy...yepeee)....gone to bed.

Then when you are done stitching, you slit a whole in the back and turn the leaves, trying not to stretch the fusible.......ooopsssss....I remember reading that but ooooopsssss. Asking me to try not to stretch the fusible is like asking me to not eat to many chocolate macadamia can do ohhhhhhh. OINK!!! OINK!!!

I used P & B textiles fabric for the leaves. I like it when bloggers state their fabrics, it is a great way to learn.

Then I will stitch these for the center of the leaves. Won't this be pretty.

When all is completed, you will iron it on the fabric and then stitch around them as desired.


  1. Wow, your hubby is a gem. I can't even imagine my husband bringing me fabric from anywhere! I really love that red/pinkish one on the right!

    That is a very cool application, Barb. Can't wait to see the quilt when you're finished!



    P.S. You are making me crave chocolate! :o)

  2. I loved the Aloha quilt book- it was one of her best books. I really enjoyed some of the explanations to about Hawaii-in quilting.
    Very nice fabrics your husband returned with- I love macadamia nuts too- very yummy.
    Thanks for the new giveaway links too.

  3. I'd say your hubby did pretty well!
    I have tried that applique technique before, and it sounds easier than it is, though not as fussy as needle-turn applique. Looks good so far!

  4. Wow-I'm really curious about how that method of applique turns out-I've never seen it before!
    I was at Walmart the other day after the dentist & as I was browsing, I decided that if I saw a man there looking at batiks, I was going to introduce myself! Well, I was saved from looking like a fool (especially if it wasn't your hubby!)

  5. I mjust read that book last month. Loved it, but it didn't make me want to make a Hawaiian quilt--I want to but it looks like so much work.

  6. sounds nice Barb. I use the same method for appliqueing circles and large pieces. Your hubby is very generous Barb but I know you are too. Wink, wink.

  7. Your Hawaiian style quilt is going to look terrific! How nice of hubby to bring you the chocolate covered nuts.....errrrrr....I mean, how nice for him to bring you fabric and thread...yeah....that's what I meant....the IMPORTANT stuff....not that silly old chocolate....I barely noticed that at all! LOL

  8. Nice haul that man of yours brought home. He is a keeper for sure.

    I am wondering if I could do the sewing prior to turning on the machine. Is it a double sided fusible?

  9. I've used that method for applique before. I like it on large pieces but haven't quite got the hang of the little pieces yet. I'm horrible about following the line on circles so I don't even bother trying it for them.

    I've always loved the big Hawaiian quilt designs. They look so intricate.

  10. Oooo yummy fabrics!! I had to enlarge the picture so I could drool a bit :0)


  11. A husband who brings you fabric, thread and chocolate - and lets you stay up late! He sure is a keeper!!

    Love the big leaf and the technique you shared - looking forward to seeing it progress. Hope you had a good sleep!

  12. Wow, you were busy. These will look really nice when finished.

    What a sweet husband...

    I'm going to have to read that book. Thanks for sharing.

  13. lovely fabrics! Well done on great shopping hubby!

  14. Yay! He came through for you!! Don't let him go, he did great!

  15. I haven't read that book yet, but am looking forward to it.

    I love the look of your night's work, it's going to be great and the fabrics you got look yummy - almost as yummy as the chocolate!

  16. Looking forward to watching your progress on the Hawaiian quilt - It's on my "to do" list.

  17. What a sweet man! Definitely a keeper :o) The quilt is going to be beautiful! I love that applique method!

  18. I am in awe! A husband that gets you fabric, thread, and chocolate!! OMG!

    I've used that method with a thin cheap fabric and water solubile thread instead of the fusable, turned it right-side-out, pressed it, then spray with water to remove the backing.

  19. Lovely gifts from hubby! Looking forward to seeing your Hawaiian quilt complete!

    Hope you are sleeping better.

  20. Yes, the Husband deserves a prize--What nice fabric he chose.

  21. that man picks out some nice fabric........yummy
    love the hawaiian block is going to be a beauty...

  22. you're husband spoils, spoils you....can't wait to see these flowers finished.


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