Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You will find me here today....

at Pins and Needles

Then I got a little mail today...

Two of these panels and the one below from Nancy at Patchwork Penguin

She was having a giveaway and I was the lucky one chosen. I just love these panels....thanks sooooo much Nancy!! Can you see the lady carrying fabric?

She asked which one we thought we were.....I said the lady in the glasses wearing a suit. Why? Because I feel I dress rather conservatively....and wear glasses...easy enough but which one suits my personality? Hummmmm

Then I ordered me some feet....this one is called MR. BIG FOOT (reminds me of the song...Mr. Big Shot, you know you are....something abour relying on your old man's money......don't know the rest but now it won't leave my brain)!! I will probably sing that song in my dreams...wake up singing it to my own words...

Mr. Big Foot is suppose to help with visioin and....more control in free motion.

Since I do alot of applique, I thought this would help my visibility as well...

Hummm noticed everything in this post has to do with vision?

I was putting my shoes on the other day and thought a piece of grass was in my shoe...so I picked it up.......then screamed real loud....it was not grass....it was a geucko...... Did the little weebee geebee dance....

My husband almost had a heart attack...he said next time I scream like that there better be blood. Is he serious? He wasn't the one that picked it up??


  1. I probably would have moved out if I'd found a gecko in my shoe. Yuk, yuk, yuk!!
    Anyway, I love your new fabrics. Congratulations on the win.

  2. Oh my...I'm not sure what I'd do if I found a gecko in my shoe! LOL

  3. too funny Barb...I would have been doing the same as you did...so would he...well at least a big shout of some explitive!
    I have that walking foot that came with my machine....just learned to work it too. I forgot that there was a piece I had to clip into it.
    I don't need the larger free motion foot yet...the eyesight is still good...
    lovely fabric. I love those little panels...such versatility for making something.

  4. I really look forward to seeing what you come up with using that panel.

    I have those feet for my machine, you are going to LOVE them!!

  5. I really look forward to seeing what you come up with using that panel.

    I have those feet for my machine, you are going to LOVE them!!

  6. So funny!!! Don't scream like that unless there is blood...what was he thinking...come on...spiders, snakes, you name it....we have the right! There is an unwritten law....scream like h... and run....that's my motto and I am sticking to it!!!

  7. Those panels are VERY cute...Congrats :)

    Sorry had to laugh at the thought of you screaming @ the gecko!

  8. Cute post. But, as I do love geckos, I'm glad you didn't stomp the little guy! Shoe geckos are very, very rare. You hardly ever see them. LOL!


  9. My husband reacted the very same when he let a chipmunk in the house.
    I screamed - his eyes bulged. His face turned red. 'bout had a heart attack.
    Guess they don't understand the scream thing.


    p.s. Chipmunk held us hostage four-and-a-half hours before we FINALLY got him through door and outside.

  10. Love the Loralee fabrics you won! I'd scream too! I've never found a gecko in my shoe, but sometimes one of my cats will leave me a surprise; one of their small felt mouse toys.

  11. You have my sympathy. I don't do critters. I will never forget the overgrown lizard that tried to come into the apt when we lived in NM. I hope you let us know how your new vision toys work.

  12. Did the gecko try to sell you insurance? Never seen a real one, just in pictures. Love the fabric, so cute. I guess new feet for a quilter is like new shoes for a young girl - so exciting, and you just can't wait to try them on.

  13. Did the gecko try to sell you insurance? New feet, new shoes all the same, just can't wait to take them for a spin.

  14. Love the fabric and you will love the feet, I have both of them and they are Great!!!!

  15. go right ahead and scream, most of us would! I have heard some good things about Mr BIG FOOT, can I ask where you found him? I am thinking I am going to have to invest!

  16. OOOOOOO...I'd not be happy at a gecko being in MY shoe, either. I guess that is one thing you won't miss when you move back stateside!!!

  17. Congrats on your win. Cute fabric.

    I would have screamed too if I found something like that in my shoe!


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