Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Trust me when I say that this will be the last time you will see this desk top clean and the floors.....I can make a mess faster than anyone. Don't you just love my new desk? This is the corner view

This is the side view facing the door....

This is the other side facing the you all know what I will be up to in the next few days.

And...(yes...never start a sentence with and).....because of my calling in my church (counselor over the women organization)....I have three funerals to attend to this week. Now I am going to tell you all something that is very strange to me (not to tell you to make fun of but just to tell you). The Samoan people do not bury their dead within 3 days like we do in the states (unless circumstances dictate otherwise). These burials can last up to two to three weeks. It is a long drawn out process. the funeral, we are expected to bring cakes and at the end, we hand out slices of cake to the guest in styrofoam containers as they leave (these containers are usually full). So I will be buying six cakes, this woman is not going to bake me me whatever.... So for the next 3 days my mornings will be in mourning.

Another thing, if you have not looked at my personal blog, they bury their dead in their yard. That was really creepy for me when I first came here.

Next....take a look at what I won at Sew Cal Gals virtual Christmas Quilts.

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  1. Wow pretty strange when we get to see other rituals people go thur but they think we have some strangeones here in the good ole US of A... sweet desk ....

  2. Barb will you be able to share with us the history of this burial ritual?
    I love your desk. It is very elegant.

  3. great looking desk....interesting customs...glad you shared

  4. That is a cool desk where did you inherit it from?

  5. congrats on your new space!! And the customs certainly do sound interesting...

  6. Very interesting about the burial customs. I am not shocked though. I have encountered some really strange things right here in Alabama.

    Now, (never start a sentence with now..right?) I looked at the prize you got but I haven't a clue. What is it?

  7. Why the cake??? It all sounds very interesting. Is it cheaper to bury them at home since you do not have to buy a cemetery lot?

    WHAT is it that you won? I can't tell.

  8. Wonderful nice big desk! When I worked in Hawaii, we had a lot of Samoan patients in the hospital~ I always admired their strong family ties. It's interesting to learn about other customs; I wonder why the cakes too...

  9. What a nice desk!

    It's amazing how much customs vary from one place to another.

  10. Ohhhh I like the lucky are you? Very I'd say!!!

    I find how different cultures do things so very interesting. My aunt always makes a cake for a funeral. She calls it their birthday into heaven. My dad was a buddist monk so we had to do his cremation. At first I thought it was strange....but during and after I could see how loving and wonderful it was. My grandparents were laid out in their livingrooms and not funeral homes. It is all just so different isn't it?


    ps...congrats on your win....nice to have a zip stick isn't it?

  11. What a wonderful desk! I, too, have no clue what that prize is that you are showing, so you'll need to tell us, okay?

  12. I have been looking everywhere for that desk, that color, for a corner and one side for my sewing machine. And you found it first!!! BUMMER! lol

  13. love the desk and the burial thing just creeps me out, I can't imagine having someone buried in my yard.

  14. Rather interesting custom? I'm sure there are other cultures that raise an eyebrow at the things we do too...

    Enjoy your new desk... looks so nice and large!

  15. I would be a bit creeped out too. I hate funerals, I don't even plan on being at my own.

    Wow, lovely desk!! The tea towels are great too (I'm cheating and responding to both posts LOL).


  16. I love that desk, everything you need is right there. Many of the African American funerals in our area go on for a week or more. The differences are very interesting.

  17. I was fine with the burial customs till ya got to the backyard thing..holey moley...

    Cake is a good thing!


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