Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yes, you heard that right!!! Yes, I do get stuck on one thing and can't let it go...sometimes someone needs to slap me on the back because I keep repeating the same things over and over..and doing the same things over and over...and over....did I say over (hit me now)....

I LOVE THIMBLEBERRIES..... I have said are right!! Well Sandi over at Crazy bout Quilts and I were emailing back and forth about our love of Thimbleberries..... She said let's make a sew day once a month. I wrote back and asked her if she was funning me....not to toy with my emotions.

She wrote back and said she was serious. So we decided on the last Wednesday of each month...Starting the 27th. You can do what ever, work with their fabrics, pattern, finish a project, and then post what you are working on on your blog for all to see or what you want to work on.

Oh yes, Sandi has all the bases covered.....I sat by and ate her dust as she did all the grunt work. She wrote Thimbleberries and got permission. She made the steal the button and put her blog on there or mine, no matter. Just come by and tell us if you want to join and then let us know when you post each month. Simple.....Simple ..... Simple

That being said.....I can't decide on this pattern out of the book Gene sent me

Or this pattern I picked up at a quilt store in Texas????????

Maybe my day will be spent deciding on which one and what fabrics???

To be honest, I am having bad sew days lately, I just ruined a quilt just this week, I started it on Monday and by Tuesday I was a wreck...needless to say, I am giving the sqares away to a young girl to practice her blanket stitching on......Sheesh!!!


  1. Barb you must make the house. It is delightful. I am bias for houses.

  2. oh no, sorry about your quilt...I don't own any Thimbleberries fabric.

  3. What a fun idea....if I had Thimbleberries fabric or patterns, I might join in this.....I'll have to work on acquiring them someday soon.

  4. I don't know a lot about Thimbleberries. If you are that enthusiatic I need to look into it.

  5. Oooo love the first one, something about those old timey patterns that just speak to me. Don't worry my friend, you will get your quilting mojo working perfect again. I have faith in you :0)


  6. Me Me memememe...;-)
    I will pull out a book, fabrics or something to do.
    Maybe I will just share my special small cabinet of ThimbleB fabrics!!
    Sorry you had a bad sewing day. Hope it gets better soon.

  7. What fun! Both the patterns are gorgeous... but I have a 'thing' for little houses lately. So, I'd pick the first one. But you go ahead and choose whichever one you like best hehe.

  8. I'm loving the Whispering Pines one. Sounds like it should be a fun day of sewing.

  9. I like the Whispering Pines quilt the best. I'd love to make that quilt someday. Have fun!


  10. Make them both! I would love to join you, but I don't know if I own any patterns by Thimbleberries. Sorry to hear about your ruined quilt.

  11. Hey Barb, you won something on my blog today. Please stop by when you have a minute to check it out at.


  12. The hardest part for me for ANY pattern is picking out the fabric. I just have a mental block as to be able to see a pattern made up in anything other than what the pattern picture is.

    I'm learning...slowly...but I'm learning.

  13. This is gonna be so fun! I love the houses~ I've been looking at houses in my T-berries books too. ;)

  14. The house is delightful. What is the name of the book the pattern was in?

  15. I like the house too. They did thimbleberries for Buck of the block and didn't get them I did black and white. Though that house is making me rethink my decision.


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