Monday, December 7, 2009


I got the pattern from e-Pattern Central. It goes over a walker and has pockets, don't know if that is a good picture or not. This is for a dear friend of mine, we call her Grandma Peters. I had extra fabric so I made a little cosmetic bag.

I am having seperation anxiety from Mr. Pfaff. What will he ever do without me?

Probably up in the air as you are reading this....I sure hate to fly.....truly.


  1. Mr Pfaff is probably resting up from all the sewing you have done lately LOL.

    Have a lovely trip!!


  2. Poor Mr. Pfaff! I hope he doesn't get too lonely without you.

    I like the idea for a walker. I have seen several different ones and I think it is so nice that they can be made so cute these days.

  3. Great idea! I love the fabric that you used for it too!

  4. Walker bags are great gifts! I'm sure you will do fine on the flight (but I sympathize as I'm not one who enjoys flying, either.)

  5. Safe travel and a happy holiday time to you and yours!

  6. Poor Mr Pfaff, home all alone, while Barb is in the wild blue yonder.

    Mr Pfaff sits all alone,
    Barb is on the plane and gone,
    Pfaff don't hum,
    He just sits numb,
    Till she once more is on her throne.

    Cause we all know the quilting diva's work chair is really a throne - Barb is a Queen among quilters!

  7. Barb what a sweet gift for your friend. As for your Mr. PFAFF...he's getting for spa time to relax until you get back...LOL

  8. Hi Barb, loved your idea of the walker for Mr Pfaff he is on RR......Warm Regards Lyn


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