Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Babies! Babies! Babies everywhere!!

I know that atleast 5 women at our church are having babies. So part of the service project last week was to make a few baby quilts.

Very few women showed up, I had intended for this one to be tied but.....not enough hands so I just stippled it .... turned out cute if I say so myself.

Here is another picture but with part of the back side showing.

This next one was one I threw together and a few of the ladies worked on it, I finished tying it and did the binding....so two down...three more to go.

Inch worm fabrics has added some Moda to her shop....soon...very very sooon...we are going to have a grand opening.....hope you will be around to join us.


  1. The baby blankets are so bright and happy. I love them.

  2. Your baby quilts turned out very nice. I love the blue one. I think it's the turtles. I love turtles - a symbol of fertility I think. The second one is nice too. Three more? Oh, that should take a day or two! You're so quick!

  3. Such sweet baby quilts. Sorry that you did not have extra hands to help. But with two down, three more will go quickly ;-)

  4. It must be baby season as I also know of so many pregnant women right now. Sorry that you didn't have enough hands to finish up those quilts.

  5. I love these fun colors for quilts. They look just island fabrics :)


  6. How fun. And these quilts are beautiful. I'm sure the recipients will treasure them forever!

    Thanks for sharing your insights.


  7. Oh, a baby bonanza! All the new moms will love the quilts!

  8. Love your baby quilts--that's so nice of your group and you to make them for the members expecting babies--they will treasure them!

  9. Cute quilts, I really love the green and brown one :0)


  10. Your Samoan fabrics are always so stunning, and your work helping those in need is inspirational. Thanks for becoming one of my followers -- I've meant to become one of yours for ages, and you nudged me to finally take the few seconds to do it. Looking forward to being on board all the time.

  11. I love the last one! I like the small black border and then the binding being a repeat of the inner fabric. Lovely!

  12. Love those fabs!!!! Great baby quilts!
    Now how can I get my paws on some of that sea turtle fabric???????
    You are awesome doing all you do for others!!!


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