Sunday, November 29, 2009


My husband and I decided to go hiking.

These are just a few pictures of Mt. Alava, it is 3 hours in and 2 out....why, because on the way in it is mostly decided to do this.

I found that it was easy for me to go up the hill but coming down was harder because I was afraid of slipping. Also, I had an advantage over my husband,he had a backpack on his back and I also do the gazzell everyday( exercise equipment). So it was very easy for me, easier than for him.

So...we almost get to the end, I am guess about 30 more minutes and we would have made it but my husband could not go another step up those he rested while I went further to check it out and well..there was no way he could make it.

I was worried he was going to have a heart attack. So....we turned back and am I ever glad we did. I was so proud...patting myself on the back for doing so much at 52 ( I am not ashamed of my age....I am proud that I have been allowed to live this long) but about 15 minutes before we got to the car I was feeling it....and let me tell you those last few minutes was as if I was wearing lead shoes.

We had to come home and take a nap....and I am just now getting rejuvinated. So enjoy the trail....

Absoutely beautiful up there...

The one picture before this next one was above the ocean scene.

I mustered up some energy and did this quilt, just two pieces together for a lady at church that had a baby....and then just sewed straight lines...easy!!!
It is more pink than what you see and this is Mary's material from Quilt Hollow
Hope you like what I am doing with your material Mary...and thanks so much!!


  1. Lovely hiking area and GOOD for you. I am not in good shape and need to work on that in the coming months.

  2. wow the view of the ocean makes me want to be there.
    I am proud of my age too. I think "I survived all these years and I am in good shape, never had surgery or a broken bone."
    Some work friends and I do two mile walks in the mornings we are at the office. Not bad for "old people"

  3. You're much braver than I. Not only would I not have attempted the hike, the idea never would have even crossed my mind! The pictures are beautiful, though.

  4. I'm proud of you too. At 58 there is no way I could have done it LOL.


  5. Bard what a beautiful plase. How long have you lived there for? You also said that your going to be leaving what a shame. I hope you would be leaving to soon. Maybe 45 years from now LOL

  6. Wow I am proud of you! Great Job Walking

  7. Barb those pictures of your hiking trip are priceless!

  8. Oh my you had a work out and the scenary gorgeous!
    (your welcome for the fabric...I may have another box to send after New Year if you need it) Hugs!

  9. I really enjoy the photos you take of where you live. Thanks for sharing!

  10. beautiful views....I would have never made that hike. your awesome barb!!!!

  11. What a great hike! The view is so pretty. Hope hubby felt better after a rest. Have a happy day!

  12. I'm so happy you took a camera on your hike. Beautiful pictures. What a lovely view. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Gosh, I'm envious. I used to love going for hikes, especially when there was such a beautiful view as a reward. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos! Hope your husband was okay after his little rest.

  14. Wow, your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. AND the trail you hiked up was just beautiful too, though it sounds like it wore you out, it looks like it was well worth it. Also,The quilt you made that evening is adorable and I love the simple quilting on it. Sometimes, simplicity is a very nice touch. I must admit though, that I don't know where you found the energy to do all that after the day you had. When you said in your post that you were afraid your hubby was going to have a heart attack I was a little alarmed, then when you said all was well, I had to smile. My husband had a heart attack in April of last year, at 58 years old. It was serious enough that they had to put in a stent and it did cause some damage to the heart but it was caught soon enough (no thanks to my hubby's stubborness, LOL) that it healed well and he is doing wonderfully. The funny thing is that his attack was not during or after extreme exertion. It was after a large bowl of homemade chili smothered in diced took me 7 hours to convince him it was NOT indigestion. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures.


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