Monday, October 19, 2009


Here is just a beautiful picture from the place we call Sliding Rock....give you something to look while I bore you...

For those of you that are interested....I have no more boxes....I only have about 12 pillowcases left....isn't that awesome? Friday I went to lunch with a friend and she was telling me of her friend and her family in Tula....this is a village that lost just about everything too. The Red Cross looked them over by mistake. They were suppose to come back to them on Saturday (let us hope so).... The one friend that I was having lunch with was telling me that they had a tent brought over from Apia and that they were taking it to them. I told her to come over and pick through the stuff we have and take to them. She did.....she took one dozen pillow your pillowcases were definitely needed...tonight someone is sleeping on a beautiful clean pillowcase. She also took some hygene least a box full. You ladies & gents "ROCK"!!!!!!!

Something funny....they told their friends that they need to clear off the house to the bare cement so they can put the tent up when they come. All that was left standing was the cement and a toilet....I got a chuckle out of do you say to everyone..."Please look away" or excuse me????? Well....they have discussed making it more private...but I guess if ya gotta go...ya gotta go.

Okay...You read about Saturday.....awesome experience....

Then I was at the store and ran into another friend. Her husband has family in Leone.....and well...there are 15 members in one 3 bedroom house. They too lost everything and have not received tents or supplies...they are living with a family I told her to come over and get the rest of the items. I did keep back about 12 pillowcases. I am having to laugh because there goes the bulk of my service worries...I have a back up plan.....lots of all is not lost.

I just got this message from my friend that took the supplies to her husband's family, thought I would share it with you.

Thanks again for the pillowcases and misc items. Danny's family really appreciated them.....they were VERY excited about the pillowcases, shoes and toothbrushes! You're very thoughtful....please thank your quilting friends for us. :)


  1. Well you just hold tight cuz I know there is at least one box coming your way and I will do another blog and see if maybe we can get a few more going your way.

  2. I am sure that what we sent was a drop in the bucket compared to what they need. You mentioned shoes, how about the clogs?

  3. You need to come up with a small tent - to fit over the toilet - for privacy!!!! Hope they get their house redone soon!!!
    If you need more stuff, let me know, I can send out another box.

  4. I am sure many of us would donate more if you want to tell us what to send, we can rally the troops again!!!

  5. sounds like people still need things there. What would be good to send? Personal care items? More Just say so and I'll get on it.


  6. Barb I am heading out into the pouring rain today, Oh Big sacrifice.... I'll be picking up supplies to get to you and all of your friends. Hugs all around, Sharon


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