Thursday, August 20, 2009


I just love this, the colors, the style but most of all because it was made by a very dear friend of mine and she made it for me....for me....for me.... did I say how much I love it? She doesn't sew much but while she was off island she got with a group of ladies at church and made this and I think she made herself one too. She said she wanted to show me that she could sew too...and she can, I knew she could....she is awesome. Gave me this lovely soap too..smells oohhhh so nice. What would life be without friends????

Just today my friend that made this apron told me that she made it from an old impressive is that? She was saying that her cousin goes to second hand stores and buys dresses and makes aprons out of about going green. Then she gets a booth at several places and sales them.

On another note of interest Fabric mom is having a 400th giveaway....

She is giving away a mini quilt, pin cushion and some charm squares... Wonderful blog as well.....

ANOTHER GIVEAWAY over at Quilt n things She has alot of prizes and one of them is a quilt....and she too has an awesome please, check both out, you won't be sorry.

Either you all are going to love me or hate me for such a long post...but there are some wonderful giveaways out there and one of them is at

Green Fairy quilts.....hop on over there and take a look....and then hop on over to her store to some really wonderful bargains.

ANOTHER WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY OVER AT Sew Fantastic. she is giving away a book and some coveted material.....yepeeeee


  1. Oh she did a great job, LOVE the fabric !! thanks for all the links, i will hop over!!

  2. Wow that is just wonderful!! That muumu must have been gorgeous, love the fish and it's my favorite color!!

    Thanks for the links too :0)


  3. The apron is adorable. She did a fabulous job on it. Don't you hate the thought of getting it dirty????

  4. I like your apron. Cute fabric.


  5. How nice of your friend to make such a nice apron for you!

  6. Cool gift. I love to thrift fabric like that too. But I love buying right off the bolt too. Sigh!

    Thanks for the links, I found one I hadn't seen! Yaay....I hope I win it.

  7. Barb the apron is adorable. I like your picture too.
    Thank you for all those links.

  8. What a cute apron. And wouldn't it be fun to see a picture of you wearing it? Ha ha. Hey, and thanks for the leads to all the giveaways.

  9. Hello Barb, thank you for the thumbs up on the the apron...certainly is adorable.....what would we do if we did not have such good friends...Warm Regards Lyn

  10. What a cute apron and I love that deep shade of red. Have a wonderful weekend.


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