Saturday, June 13, 2009


That there was actually a site that had a 9 patch challenge....I just said I would at the Quilting Sisters site....but if you are interested go to Crazy Mom's
So....when I did the disappearing 9 minds eye saw all those 6" 9 Patches I had made.....I kept thinking (very dangerous), and thinking...and thinking...oh I wish that creative voice would be quite!!!!.............. Voices...does anybody hear voices? ............ SHUT UP IN THERE!!! (I am allowed to be rude to myslef). Well, that voice won out and I started slicing and dicing my 6" 9 Patches. No turning back now. So I sliced one block in half (the other side is already sewn to another block)

Then sewed two different halves this...or turn them around, any is not important, just pick up and sew

Then cut in half this

Then sewed together like this....again, arrange any way.

Then you get this....

This is the quilt that was missing a block, so I just made another one....and in that process decided to keep going and make this a full sized quilt, even if it takes a while to get enough 9 patches. I love the beauty of each block, the colors that fit so nicely together. Below is an up close of a few of the blocks.


  1. Clever little creative voice you have there Barb!
    Don't shut it up too much.

    But I do know what you mean about how it nags you sometimes. I wake up to that voice some days - sadly it is usually a day that I have to go to work so I can't listen. And unless it wakes me up EARLY, I don't have time to write it down so I remember later.

    The little voice is that annoying friend you have that keeps pushing you to be better. That is why we keep those friends around.

  2. Love your fabrics Barb...but then you always have the prettiest stuff. In the process of making enough blocks for a full size quilt, that block just might show up.


  3. wow Barb, you did a beautiful job.
    Join us at the 9 patch quilt along. your work is super.

  4. Love it, I love scrap quilts, my favorites. Have a good weekend.

  5. Hello Barb, such a colourful quilt...I have not tried that pattern many colours would you use? Warm Regards lyn

  6. It's beautiful Barb! Keep going with that creative voice in your head.

  7. Well, those voices in your head aren't so bad after all. Mine are terrible. haha

  8. Oh my gosh you have taken the 9 patch to a whole new level, I just love it, love all the fun fabrics and love the scrappy look!

  9. This quilt is TOTALLY wonderful! I need to make one like that someday. What I love most about quilts like that is...they can fit in with the paint color and curtains of ANY room. GREAT job!

  10. WOW!!!!! Awsome, Barb. Go on answering those voices in your head.

  11. Hearing voices....I think there is a name for the split up nine patches...very pretty.

  12. Love the way those scrappy blocks go together. That block is very, very high on my "to do" list.

    I love all your fabric. I just can't keep from buying, either! Is there a cure? I hope not!

  13. Hmmm, I like this version of a disappearing nine patch. I shall have to try it! Thanks for sharing! :~)

  14. This is just wonderful! The best scrap quilt I've seen in a while. I love 9 patches - this is such an interesting treatment - just love it. And now you know why you bought all that backing fabric - you are surely going to need it to get through all these wonderful quilts you are making!!
    Hugs - Shari
    PS I am going to bookmark this lovely little tutorial :)

  15. This is fabulous and it is so amazing what can be done with a 9-patch block and a cutter. I can see why you want to keep going.


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