Monday, February 23, 2009


I learned at church yesterday (no not a sermon) that to create is to take unorganized matter and create something that did not exist before. Don't we all fit that bill? We are all creators. Then I learned that part of being a creator is having compassion. I think all of you would agree that we quilters are some of the most compassionate people around, at least that is what I have seen from all of the blogs and comments. So my thought for us all today is to KEEP ON CREATING....I LOVE ALL YOUR CREATIONS!!! I ENJOY LOOKING AT THEM AND ENJOY YOUR COMMENTS AND FRIENDSHIPS.

On a side note (my computer is giving me fits and won't let me put this on the side bar), Fiber Fabrications is having a wonderful giveaway, why don't you meander over there and take a look at what she is giving away and her wonderful alpaca's.


Linda said...

Thanks for the link! She had just posted the most beautiful picture of a new alpacca mom with the 'aunts' checking out the baby!
Sounds like it was a great sermon! You're right - quilters are creators and a GREAT percentage of the quilters I have had the pleasure of meeting online and off have hearts full of compassion!
Thank you for sharing! :)

Fiesta said...

Barb thank you for the link and your beautiful comment about creators. You are always so compassionate and giving with your kind words.

Pat said...

Yes....quilters are quite a breed......and that shows itself time and again. And to have the internet to meet so many other quilters is just wonderful, isn't it? Let's think: QUILTS = Quilters United In Love To Share!!!!!

Jackie said...

Crafters as a whole are such generous, nice people! I had not realized just how much until I started reading blogs. It's amazing how the fiber arts can unite people who otherwise would not have "met" or had anything in common!

Needled Mom said...

I have heard of several people complaining about the sidebars on blogger this week. It must be a bug that is going around. Perhaps someone needs to "create" a solution.

Sara said...

I agree - I couldn't do without the creative people I know...I'd be lost!