Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Small Wonder PIN BLOSSOM

Thursday the young gals (I am the oldest) are meeting again at my home to do the one hour totes below, so I decided to have a surprise for them. I decided to make the pin cushion so I could show them how and have it all cut out for them and ready for them to sew. The instructions had you sewing each petal seperately and then sewing them together...hummmm my fingers were twisting this way and that. I was frustrated and knew these gals would be since a few are beginner sewers. I finally got it all together and the bottom looked horrible. I said to myself "there has to be a better way" and there was...sew the bottom together (just like you would in quilting when making a star) then sew the top together and then connect them to the bottom....how awesome is that? So much easier for these young ladies.

If any of you have any projects that would be ideal for this group of gals, would you let me know....I might be running out soon!!


Gina said...

...and clever too
I love it. I would like to sew one in fuchsia colour... So pretty!
thanks for sharing the technique

Mary L. said...

How cute! I may have to try making one of those some time. And I'll think a bit about whether I can suggest any small projects.

Pat said...

I'm thinking the easiest way is to just make a big star pattern (well ...not big, but a little bigger than the finised one should be)...cut out two of it...sew them together and stuff and do your cute button to finish it. Is that how you made it? I'll try to think of some projects, too...or will forward you links to some that may work with a beginner group.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh how cute!!

Needled Mom said...

How cute! I may have to give that one a try.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

That is one pretty pinkeep. I am going a little pinkeep crazy lately. I have discovered all sorts of tiny containers during my treasure hunts and have repurposed them into very simply but lovely pinkeeps. I've posted three of them in the last week if you want to take a peek.