Saturday, May 23, 2020


If you have been reading my blog for long, you will know that my sister, Jeanette, and I do a lot of projects together.

She has a tendency to pull me out of the box I have around me.

She introduced the Quick Curved Ruler to me a while back.

Wonder Curve Ruler©One Wonderful Curve

seems they changed up their ruler some.

Jeanette owns an online fabric store, Inchworm Fabrics.  She sent me some fabric to do a project with her.  I have shown you this quilt before but she now has hers done and so we can show them together. 

I have actually done three different designs using this ruler and have loved each of them.

            Gaggle Battle Quilt

                          72" x 84"

I just loved this quit but no longer have it, I gave it to my son and his wife for Christmas.

You can find Jeanette's post here:  I love hers as well, she played around with the blocks and came up with her own design.


Here are the beautiful fabrics at Inchworm Fabrics   I love the beautiful Oriental fabrics, always have.  I think they are my favorite right up there with batiks.

Not much going on in my sewing room.  I made 40 blocks for a quilt I am designing from the outside in....I always love to just wing it and that is exactly what I am doing.  I know there is EQ8 and I have that but there is nothing I love better than just cutting and sewing to see where it takes me.  I also have a fun idea on how to quilt it but we will see, got to get the design going first.  It is a custom quilt for someone.  Boy she sure puts a lot of faith in me.


Barbara said...

Well, there you are! Beautiful quilts and fabrics. Looking forward to the “outside in“ project!

Gene Black said...

HI Barb, I have missed you.
I love your "Gaggle Battle Quilt" It is very pretty. Your son and his wife are surely lucky to have it.

I made a quilt with Oriental fabrics and a black background once upon a time. It really showed off those lovely fabrics.

QuiltShopGal said...

Beautiful quilt with yummy Japanese fabrics. You both did a great job. What fun to be able to quilt along with your sister. Very special indeed.

Kathleen said...

I love these and really need to add your sister's shop to my list! I don't buy a lot, as I am really focused on stash destruction BUT there are always those special needs. I love your quilt and can't wait to see what you are working up. I wish I had the "wing it" gene...not really one I have!

hetty said...

How nice to be able to work together with your sister. You both did an amazing job! I love the Oriental fabrics too. I noticed that you still had my old blog on your side panel. That blog was hacked last year. I spent almost the whole year in several hospitals and when I returned home, my email, blog and facebook couldn't be opened. My new blog is

Vicki in MN said...

Always so fun to see what you ladies are up to!! I am intrigued by your 'winging it' quilt, looking forward to seeing the finish.

Lucy said...

What circles never saw it before beautiful job you did Love it.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

I love the QQR! Love the versions you made! And I agree--love oriental prints!!!

Lynette said...

I like the way those blocks come together! And I'm right with you on the oriental fabrics. LOVE them, especially with the metallic accents.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Barb, I love that you aren't really afraid to try something different.....well, even if with a little "Sisterly Coaxing"....What pretty quilts....and the quilting almost gives it a seersucker look....... I'm off to see your Sister's post..

Snoodles said...

You and I are so lucky, right? I get to quilt with my sister, too! Beautiful quilts!

Marie said...

Hey Barb, haven't seen a post in a while and I am worried about you. I hope all is ok. Miss you. HUgs, Marie