Saturday, March 21, 2020



I am not able to get in to see my mother.

My son and his family are away for 2 weeks.....aahhhhh

Hear that?


You guessed it, the sound of silence.

No baby crying, no child hallaring to have his bohiney wiped...haha...oh yes.....
Come wipe me.

No TV blaring.......

Just plain ole silence.

Don't get me wrong, I love the wee ones and miss them but

I feel like I am on vacation except I can't go anywhere.

Not that that matters

Day 1  - of the quarantine I made Mr Manatee.  I actually thought they were dolphins.  

Then I cut out the below SeaHorses

Day 2 - I completed the Salty Seahorses

Both Manatee and Seahorses were made using Island Batik Scraps.

Day 3 - I made placemats for my sweet grandboys.  There are five of them but the youngest is too young right now.  These are for their Easter.
The above fabrics is Happy Town by Jacqueline Steves - Henry Glass.  For some reason the picture is not quite right but you get the idea.

Now these fabrics are from Inchworm fabrics, I just love these clowns.  These are for my oldest two grandsons which they are four.

Day 4 - I finished all of the Ohio Stars that I had prepped.  I now have 43 of them.  After I work on the items below, I am going to prep some more.

Day 5 - which is today.  Last night I cut and grouped the squares (triangles), today I will sew them together and then, I will have to piece some more squares.  I also ripped out the 6 done squares, they were the ones that were randomly put together.  I like the matching ones soooo much better.

I really should have a lot more done than I have but like yesterday my husband and I drove 40 minutes to a Walmart that had milk (delivered to our car).  It amazes me that we have been asked to stay home and there are people out there shopping....CRAZY

Then in the evenings when my husband comes in from working outside, we sit and watch TV.   I am sorry but it is so nice just the two of us.  We hardly sit and watch TV.  Actually, I am reading while he watches TV but at least we are together.  I am not much of a TV watcher but I sure can go through a book.

I actually like the slow pace, I think that is why I loved Samoa so much besides the beautiful view from our back porch, the ocean, the friends....etc...need I say more?

Here is the line up for next week's Quilt Qwazy Queens making us laugh blog hop!

Monday March 23
Tuesday March 24

If you are coming by to see my hop day, it is here!


QuiltShopGal said...

Isn't silence wonderful? You are certainly putting your time to get things done. I love your manatees and seahorses. All your projects look like great fun. Enjoy.

Barbara said...

Life is really weird right now, and being the ultimate homebody, I’m not minding it much either. I do miss my family though. Our oldest son is in NYC, very scary. I live the sea horse, Barb, and I also see a dolphins. A manatee would be very hard to see!

Gene Black said...

I have enjoyed the silence and being able to just let so many things go - since I can't do them.
I am still going daily to Mom's and taking care of her needs. She still insists on living independently.

I hope the boys all love their placemats. The Manatees and seahorses are delightful too!

Kathleen said...

The silence is a bit eerie but we do have work to do. I love your manatees and seahorse and your finishes. Well done!

Snoodles said...

Your projects are wonderful!! I know they will love their gifties from grandma!
Slowing down here, too... we are getting a lot done outdoors and we sit together in the evenings, also. I’m guilty as charged while he watches I’m stitching!!! Lol but it’s nice and comfy being together.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh silence. So illusive and so soothing when found. I can say I am glad I have no silence. It would mean there is no one here to watch Gunsmoke all day long switching stations to find yet another in his daily routine. I have come to love those characters and wonder if I lived in Dodge City in a past life, lol.

Sew on while you have silence and I will sew to the tune of occasional gunfire lol.
xx, Carol

QuiltGranma said...

For some reason the neighbors 4 dogs are quieter as well, perhaps because they have people at home to pay attention to rather than when we walk outside? I am definitely appreciating their silence! It makes it so I can hear the quail and jays calling. Keep Calm and Sew ON!