Monday, March 2, 2020


Who doesn't love a new sewing machine???

In January one rainy day my husband and I went out shopping for a new sewing machine for me.

I wanted a basic machine, no electrical board but it had to have a long neck and do the blanket stitch.

We went to Longview, which is about an hour away and Low and Behold, they were closed due to inventory.  Pooey.   When we were there last I saw a machine that interest me,  it was on sale at the time so we were going to get that one and were hoping it would be on sale.

Then we went from Longview to Shreveport about and hour and a half from Longview and shopped at all the quilting and machine stores.

One store did have the machine I wanted and it was on sale but you will not believe this...just as I was asking about the machine, the manager took the sale sign off and said...oh...this is not on sale anymore.  She just lost a sale because we were not going to pay full price.

This is the machine I was looking for:

                                                        JAZZ II  Baby lock


Isn't she a beaut??

Look at that long neck....  I think it is twelve inches.

Just a plain Jane machine.  I got it online for half the asking price.  The same price that had been on sale at both stores with free shipping.

I think my husband was more excited than I was but I will be honest I was not in a good place at the time we ordered it or when it came in.

I wanted this machine to be able to quilt larger quilts.

....I am truly making this a long story aren't I????  ha ha

I eventually threaded it and started quilting this quilt....oh my gosh....the back stitches were so loose.  I knew it was the top thread.  I kept trying to get the stitch right.  I told my husband to keep the box because I might want to send it back....still in a very bad place....grumpy grumpy grumpy.  I all are going not you Barb...oh yessssss  Too much on my plate and it was getting to me.

The thought came to me and don't laugh.....WHY NOT TRY READING THE DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO THREAD THE MACHINE

dUHHHHH  .....guess what...IT WORKED!!!

Then the next thought came to me that I should probably sew on the machine awhile to get use to it before doing any quilting on I did.

                                                                              Here is the front stitch


                                    Here is the back stitch....the color is off but you get the picture.


It was a dream, no broken thread, the stitches were great.  I want to now get a high shank foot for the free motion templates I have, I had gotten a low shank but  it didn't work on my juki...I haven't tried it on this one yet but will have to pull it out to see.

So I guess you know where the box went???


This is the only sewing I have been doing if any......  I did quilt a whole quilt, 60 x 60 which worked fantastic with the long neck.  I am wanting to quilt king size quilts on this puppy.  I will show the quilt at a later time.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Awesome!! So - what kind is it and where did you finally find it? - ;))

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Congrats on your new machine and the fun you will have learning all about it. Love your quilts and how great to be a part of a quilting family. Happy Stitching!

West Michigan Quilter said...

That is wonderful. I've wanted a machine with a larger throat but can't afford those prices. Will it fit on your frame? The stitches look perfect. I'm so happy for you!

Barbara said...

I must ask, how many machines do you now have Barb? Just curious. :) This would probably be my kind of machine. The stitching looks great and no electronic bells and whistles. I have 3 machines, all mechanical that I can service (clean) myself. I’d be lost if any of them had flashing lights! Best of luck with this one, and always read instructions! Haha

Gene Black said...

Oooh, nice. I have been thinking of getting something bigger to quilt with. I have been looking at the Juki TL2000 or TL2010 (I think those are the model numbers) I need to take a trip so I could try them out though.

I can't believe that dealer pulled the sale price off in front of you. I hope you and hubby walked out as soon as she did that. That is amazingly poor business.

Kathleen said...

Lovely machine! I am so glad you worked out that little kink! I am longing for a new one, but holding off for a bit...since I invested in the longarm last year.

QuiltShopGal said...

What a beautiful machine. I love, love, love her long neck. Congratulations.

ShirleyC said...

Wow! Was that store Shreveport Sewing Center on Bert Kouns? If so, that's where I've bought all of my BabyLocks. I hate to hear that! I haven't been there in a while. I used to go to BL Club once a month, but things happened, and I haven't been in months.
I can't afford to upgrade at the price of machines these days. They've always been good about the repairs, but I'm honestly scared to take mine in for servicing. They have a whole new service team since the store owners split. The guy opened a Brother store across town.
I'm glad you got what you wanted, and also got it to sewing right.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Glad for you to have the new machine. I'm telling you, I will never understand independent stores that refuse to give a sale price, even if the sale recently ended. I would have wanted to talk to the manager or owner to see what THEY said.

Anyway you got what you want and it looks like a nice machine.
xx, Carol

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow....congratulations. I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one that doesn't read direction.

swooze said...

Very nice said...

Lovely machine. Yep I would have walked out too if they changed the price while I was standing there looking at the machine. Your stitching looks gorgeous.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The manager that pulled the price, that could have been handled much better, however, with one company I know of, the shop owners don’t get to decide on machine sales and the dates of them. The company has complete control. I’ll bet that’s what happened, but they should have explained that to you so you wouldn’t leave their shop biased against them. If that had happened to me, I know I wouldn’t go back again. That said....

Congratulations on your new machine!! *party time*

Snoodles said...

Congratulations! Lovely machine and gorgeous stitching....after you read the directions. Haha!

Lucy said...

Congratulations on a new machine. Happy Stitching

Frog Quilter said...

Congratulations on the new machine. Enjoy!!!