Saturday, January 18, 2020


                                         This block here took no time at all to make, it was such fun.

                                                                    CHUCKLES Block 5


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There has not been much sewing lately, mainly because of this little buggar,. his brother and my mother.  It seems when I sit down to sew I am asked to take care of one of the three.  Then when I come back, I have no desire to continue sewing.   Trust me when I tell you that this little guy, his brother and my mother trump sewing anyday.

Funny story about this little guy.  This is his first bath.  He was wide awake when she put him in this chair to bath him.  He fell immediately asleep.  She washed his hair, face, moved him around and he was totally asleep.  I guess he felt so safe and warm.  His mom and I just shook our head, we have never seen anything like it.

On the sewing front.  I have made it a goal to finish all of my quilt tops this year that have been hanging around forever.

I am working on my son's quilt.  I have showed it to you before.


I just threw it over my bed...sorry and it is all wrinkled.  This week I took off part of the bottom and added a row of flying geese to the top.  I was not happy with this before but once I changed the row to the top, it made me all excited to get this done.

Then the idea came to me so I texted my son.  I asked him if he wanted me to make this a king size quilt.  This quilt just fits the top of my bed and hangs maybe an inch over the sides.  The length is perfect.

He wrote back and said a King size would be good.

I wrote him back and said it may take a while.  I plan to make flying geese for the side.  It will have to be in black since I no longer have any of the fabrics.  You can see that the blue on the side does not match the blue in the middle.  Oh well...what can I say, this quilt has been almost 20 years in the makings.

So...he writes me back and said "That's ok, it's like a fine wine going for the 20 year taste.

I thought that was so funny. I am going to cut out the flying geese and hopefully, get this done before his birthday in a few weeks.  Wish me luck.  Gotta get her out of here.


Kathleen said...

Your chuckles fishes are just adorable. I love the colors - they are so bright! The sleeping/bathing baby is just adorable. I am glad you fell in love with the quilt will be awesome. I love it that it will be like a fine wine!

Jocelyn said...

Looks like you have a big project ahead. But your son will love it.

Annie said...

Those fish blocks do look like they were fun to build. I imagine you will be swimming in a school of them soon.
Isn’t that too cute how he slept through his bath. Just like you, I’ve never known a baby to do that ever.
Love the flying geese (both kinds) quilt top.
Yes, stored quilt tops could fall into the same making process as fine wine. Ha! I like your plan to turn all your quilt “tops” into finished quilts. You will be SO pleased at the end of the year. I have only one quilt top waiting on me to finish it. But I won’t start another until I talk myself into getting that one finished - this year! And it might take me all year to talk myself into it. I’ve been working on that part already for a couple of months.

Pamela said...

Ah, yes! Equating a quilt to a fine wine is a great analogy, plus the finished quilt will last a lot longer than that fleeting taste of wine :)

Barbara said...

Your sons quilt is exquisite Barb! Don’t feel badly about how long it has taken. Vintage items increase in value!

cghundley said...

Love the 20 year vintage
take on the quilt. Going
to be pretty. Wanted to
thank you for the Christmas
table runner you sent me,
got it today! Thank you!
Carla from Utah

Farm Quilter said...

Chuckles is cute and the sleeping baby during a bath is amazing. Love the quilt you are making for your son - can't wait to see it finished!!

Gene Black said...

Good luck with your deadline - Mom and the babies may delay you even further.

QuiltShopGal said...

I am amazed that little bugger fell asleep during his first bath. Much better experience for mom & grandmom vs crying. I think you are right that he simply knew he could trust and was comfortable. The flying geese quilt is absolutely amazing. I only hope you will share it in a quilt show before you give it away to your son & his family. So beautiful and unique.

Calicojoan said...

What a sweet little guy, and so content in his bath! LOL!!
I love that goose/geese quilt! That's gorgeous, even if your over making more flying geese!:-)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The geese quilt is gorgeous!! I also love the bright and happy fish. That quilt is going to be so much fun when it's finished. =)

Snoodles said...

Oh, so sweet! Love, love your amazing quilt - it's gorgeous! said...

I have had this post open to read for GASP! 6 days. I just love the quilt you are making for your son. Laughed about the little fishy in the tub asleep. Your Chuckles fish are cute.