Friday, September 20, 2019


And this little piggy stayed home to play in the mud!!

I just love this little piggy, the drawing is by Elise Church.  She is an amazing artist. She also has a rescue rabbit foundation which she funds with her drawings.

I have to confess, I have had this wall hanging done for a little while and almost forgot about it.  I was waiting for the Island Batik Fall/Winter catalog to come out.

I have a quilt in that catalog which I will show to you later.

This quilt is made up of scraps but the  border fabric is Island Batik Primo by Ebony Love  

I used raw edge applique blanket stitching.

On a personal note

I have been locked out of my Hot mail account and my frustrating especially since for the last few months I have been fighting with Medicaid for my mother.  It has been an extremely stressful week with Medicaid and finally I was able to get a young man that was willing to help me and sent me to someone who could truly take care of me.  In the end and an hour and a half later things were settled for my mother but now the email problem is just too much right now. I will deal with it tomorrow.

Like Scarlet O'hara  "Tomorrow is another day"


Gene Black said...

Oh poo! I was hoping it would get worked out pretty quickly.

I love your little piggy.

Barbara said...

Adorable piggy! Love the mud! :)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Oh, no, so sorry to hear of your problems. It is especially stressful when things don't go well when you are trying to help your mother and get things right for her. And those email accounts. What happened. Why are you locked out. Gads, all this tech stuff drives me nuts. Good luck and take care. My prayers are with you. Hugs.

works4me said...

Adorable. That wall hanging is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. I hope it puts one on yours.

I am glad you finally found someone to help you. It is a stressful enough time without adding bureaucrats into the mix. My theory is that they make it really hard so that people give up. Good luck going forward. said...

Cute pig. We have been having lots of problems with yahoo and hotmail accounts for newletters for guild too.

Snoodles said...

Oh my goodness, yes, if it’s not because we are trying to take care of parents, it’s because we are planning for retirement. (Yippeeeee!) oh, wait, we have a couple years to go. Boo. Hope all those paperwork troubles are solved, and the email ones, too! On a happier note, I join the chorus of your fans - love, love that piggie!!