Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who doesn't love a free bag pattern and one with a bow no less....

When I saw this bag pattern on line, I just had to make it.  Not that I didn't have enough to do but I put everything aside and got to it.

You can find the actual bag pattern here:  Cheri did a great job on the pattern and with her tutorial

I did not follow any of it....we had a thunderstorm last night which kicked us off the internet until a few hours ago.  I did have the pattern already printed but couldn't get it to work so...

I went off on my own.

So what you see here is my version of her bag.

I actually wanted a smaller bag but is done and I actually love it.

Maybe I will do a smaller one later...or maybe not.


Thanks for all of your kind comments about the Fabric Shop and my patterns.  I really am over it....and since thinking about it come to realize it was just her personality.  I have been in her shop before and she truly has not been overly friendly and maybe she was just too busy with what she was doing to pay too much attention to what I had to show her.  Or maybe she was just tired of people wanting a piece of her.  What ever the reason it is goes on but I sure appreciate all of you and your kind words and support.


  1. Your bag turned out very pretty and I love the bow.

  2. Love your bag! Sometimes you just have to stop everything and go for it! You know, someone with that personality shouldn't be dealing with the public. Just sayin'. Have a good week! XO

  3. That bag is super cute! Thanks for the link. I just love collecting bag patterns. I'm under no illusion that I will ever be able to make a bag from every bag pattern I currently have, but that is not stopping me from continuing to collect them.

  4. It's a great bag! I like the front "pleat". Thought of you today with tons of decorator sample bundles on sale for $1.00 each. These bundles have all the color variations of a fabric for choosing when redecorating, literally yards of fabric per bundle. Yes, I bought some that are not too thick to use as mini-quilt backs or whatever. I got yard and yards for a total of $5. Store is going out of business after 54 years!

  5. Your bag is darling, Barb. Love that bow!!

    We've been gone so I had to go back and look up your last post. What a shame! All I can say is .... her loss!


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