Friday, July 2, 2010


Jean sent over this pdf. for any of you who would like to purchase it.

Four dollars and it is your almost instantly!!

Still can't download these in my apologies.

This pattern is now availiable. Jean and her husband work so well together as a team and have produced this awesome pattern on pdf. file. Just a click of the button it is yours....

Soon it will be in my store but for now, you can just email me at if you would like it.

My internet is naughty today....

which is making me be naughty in wanting to throw a fit.....have you seen a grown woman throw a fit? Not a pretty sight.

So for those of you who are wondering, it is eight dollars.....I know that would be a question on my mind and I would not want to email and I am saving you a step....yep....looking out for you.....because it is not about me right is about these beautiful flower pots....

I can't believe I said that.....It is always about I not at the center of the universe? Aren't I?????? husband things so....


  1. Really cute quilt with a cheerful design. I'm sure this pattern is going to be in hot demand....greenhouse hot! LOL!

    Seriously, congratulations to Jean and her husband for creating this design. And I'm happy to know it will be available for purchase from your store. I'm adding it to my list.


  2. Let's think about Barb the center of the universe? Hmmmmmm....I guess it depends upon which universe we are discussing!!! LOL

  3. You are at the center of the "YOU-niverse" for sure. LOL

  4. Cute quilt design, and put it on my list of "wants". I love Gene's true!


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